Christmas Breakfast

Well, my loss (of sleep) is your gain. The winds are ROARING (howling is much too wussy), keeping me completely awake and the girls only half-asleep. So much for getting sleep before New Year’s Eve…

Every year, for as long as I have been alive (I think), my Grandma Lawless has made breakfast for the Lawless/Gilbert/Kaufman/Gall clan on Christmas morning. {I take that back, one year it was here. But otherwise…} This year was no exception, except that the eggs turned out yellow. Long story, unless you’re usually there 🙂

The girls got dressed up in their second set of Christmas dresses, and we headed over for yummy food and wonderful company!

They already like Nana’s (non-breakable) snowmen!

After the various families had left, my mom, Cassi, the girls and I said hello to Kim, Bootie, Terrie, Rob and Abdullah via Skype. Side note: If anyone knows of software/websites where you can video conference (more than 2 at a time, as is permitted with Skype), please leave me a comment or shoot me an email! It was SO nice to see everyone, but a little bittersweet because we miss them all so! The girls weren’t completely cooperative (read: mostly sleeping and/or crying), but hopefully it was still as enjoyable for everyone else as it was for us! 🙂