Christmas Morning

I woke up bright and early (actually dark and early…. stupid winter). I knew Kyle and I would need to be ready, because we’d only have an hour and a half or so once the girls got up to do our “family Christmas”, before heading over to my parents house. We had really assumed the girls would want little to do with the gift exchange, but we didn’t want to rush if they ended up interested. I’m glad we got them up at 7, because they were SO much more excited than I ever would have imagined! Let me back up, though…

After waking them up (and stripping down Elise and her crib post-blowout… Merry Christmas, Mommy!), we headed downstairs to put the last ornament on the “Countdown Tree”!

Now you know that nothing – not even Christmas presents – can get between 2 six month old girls and their bottles, after having not eaten for 13 or so hours. So first things first… breakfast. We then read the (more abbreviated than we had anticipated) Christmas story from Her First Bible, before heading to the tree.

The girls really did love all of the paper and boxes as we had anticipated, but they were actually acutely aware of what they were opening… looking at pictures in books, pressing buttons on toys, fighting us when we tried to move on :)…. it was so much more fun than I had predicted! I’ll let the pictures do most of the story-telling, though. Don’t forget, the majority of them can’t be seen here. Click on over (in the sidebar) to Picasa to see the rest!


  1. Oh my gosh … your babies make the most adorable faces ever! 😀

  2. We love reading the blog … especially seeing the pictures, and I’ve gotta say these are some of the cutest yet. The girls are adorable and we were surprised to see a few new teeth have popped through — look out for those love bites that will be coming soon!

    I hope everyone has a Happy New Year.


  3. Thanks, Terrie! Happy 2009 to you all 🙂

    Elise has been working on those teeth for a while, but they’re finally tall enough to get caught in a picture. Before that, I couldn’t get one because she just sticks her tongue overtop whenever you try to look at them! They are razor-sharp, though!