Music and Movement Class and a trip to the Disney Store!

Today we joined our friends Addy and Beth at the Cincinnati Museum Center for a “Music and Movement” class, part of the music program “Music Together”. It was a lot of fun! The instructor was very enthusiastic, and there were lots of other kids there for the girls to watch. It happens during our morning naptime, so hopefully either the class or nap will change its schedule so we can go back again!

The class, one offered by the Museum as part of the Sprouts Institute, included singing, dancing, musical instruments, props and more.

I must admit, I think I liked it better than the Gymboree Music class we attended! I was thrilled when Beth told me about these workshops, because I found out the local Kindermusik instructor is not offering classes for the Spring session! 🙁

After the class, we walked to the Children’s Museum for a few minutes with Addy, Beth, Lara and EJ. The girls were too tired (and we still had a few errands to run), so we didn’t stay long. I was reminded, though, how much I love the whole museum center. I used to go often, and can’t wait to go lots more with the girls (and Kyle!). I think I know what Elise and Avery will be asking for when their 1st birthday rolls around…. 😀

When we left the museum, Kyle was sleeping at home after a rough call night. Since we were already halfway there, we headed down to the Florence Mall to the closest remaining Disney store. We picked up a few things for our trip (that’s starting to feel sort of soon…), and also got this cool toy at the KB Toys, for a great price since they’re going out of business!

Just in time for when the girls really start crawling!


  1. I miss having a Disney Store close!

  2. My mom teaches music together classes in New York. There are a few places around here that offer the classes. We are going to do one with Henry 🙂 He really loves the music. We have a few CD’s. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed taking the girls!!

    They are getting so big. I love the crawling videos 🙂

  3. Kathryn, I know! It’s horrible! (Rumor has it, from the CMs in Florence, that they may open in Kenwood in 2009-2010, but it’s not set in stone)

    Amy – It really was a wonderful class! I’m sure the instructor has something to do with it, but we had a great time! I’ll have to check out others around, maybe a closer one. I hadn’t heard of it!