New Crib Setting!

Well, it was finally time. Practically every time we’d walk into their room after they had been sleeping, we would see Elise and/or Avery doing this:

One time, at 3am mind you, Avery had decided she could just about reach the top of the crib as well, and was trying desperately to pull herself up with it. I didn’t really want to wake up to a thud and a trip to the CCHMC Liberty Campus ED, so we lowered the mattress setting. They look so much smaller in this space! 😛

It’s going to take a lot of getting used to, I tell you! I had mentally prepared myself that I would just have to give them lots of kisses before lying them down, because I’m too short to reach them leaning over the rail. What I didn’t calculate, though, was how it would become impossible to be holding one and scoop the other up one-armed. How it would be impossible to change their clothes at all while in there (a necessity with just on changing table when there are two babies and two adults!). Boo.

Still, I suppose it’s well worth not risking the head injury…..

My little girls are getting so big!


  1. They really do look so much smaller in the lower setting! They’re adorable. 🙂