I don’t know who sings that song. I don’t know if it’s happy, sad, or – as change often is – just kind of bittersweet. Heck, I think I only know that 1 line (is it a line if it’s really only one word after a bit of stuttering?), and even then, I’m pretty sure I only know it from a commercial or something.

And yet, it’s been running through my head all day. I hate change. I think. I definitely hate that it makes me unsure whether I hate it or not!

We said goodbye to the bouncers. šŸ™

The girls have enjoyed these literally every day, as far as I can recall, since the day we brought them home from the hospital.

They’ve traveled with us (because we couldn’t live without them), made my oldest daughter calm when nothing else could, and brought the first – and most plentiful – smiles to my youngest daughter’s face. I have loved them even recently, as the perfect set-up to feed two babies at a time.
Now, however, my big girls don’t like lying back and being strapped in somewhere when they have an entire world to explore. I get that, I just don’t love reaching the end of our time with these seats.
But wait, there’s more!
They sat like this in the stroller for the first time today:

(More on that outing another time).
The next time Kyle and I go out, we plan on putting Elise and Avery in entirely different strollers, ones we’ve never been able to use with our little babies (where did they go?). It will be wonderful, in that each of us will steer a little umbrella-type stroller instead of either of us maneuvering The Boat. But you know….. it’s just weird. I’ve grown accustomed to The Boat.
But wait, there’s still more! (Are you doing “that voice” yet? :))
The last few days, there have been times I’ve opted to get the girls out of their infant carriers (carseats) and lug them in somewhere in my arms instead. What?! I’m so not prepared for that. I thought I’d have a good year or so to get used to that idea. That, however, was when it seemed simpler to pop the seats out of their base in the car, pop them into the stroller, pop them out again, carry them in the house… all while Baby stays buckled in (and sometimes even sleeps, if said Baby is not my own). If you are one of those people that has one child at a time, you know what I’m talking about. It’s a sad day when Baby outgrows the seat, because you have to start doing all of these previously-unnecessary steps. But you know how heavy those things get? I have small girls, but when you have twice the babies, you obviously have twice the weight. I can’t get away from that by carrying them differently, but you can only imagine how heavy and awkward it is to carry each one with only a single measly (mine) forearm. It hurts. Remember me the next time you think your baby in his/her carseat is heavy or awkward to lug …. and be thankful you can devote your whole self to carrying just that one! šŸ˜‰
You see, the girls don’t like lying back and being strapped in when they have an entire world to explore. Oh, you’ve heard that? When I buckled them in the stroller today and they could actually see what was going on around them (without trying to houdini their way out of a rear-facing, reclining carseat in order to try and do so), it was like I had given them the greatest gift since life itself. We’re taking their infant carseats to WDW with us in March, and I guess we’ll just decide after that whether to move on to the convertible seats, since the most appealing aspect of the infant carriers (portability) is no longer a factor. I’m sure the girls would love sitting up and seeing out the window in the car, too.
So while I was going through these changes both physically and mentally today, I realized that it is probably time to put some other things away, too. The activity gym is one of their favorites still, but they mostly just like to rip everything off of it. I’m sure they’d be just as happy with another toy if the gym were to suddenly disappear. I just can’t do this all at once! šŸ™‚
Besides, I think the next thing to go will have to be the swing. Though they’re still a good 10+ pounds under the weight limit, they’ve outsmarted it.

(Avery chooses, instead of ripping down the net, to hang from the mobile. The swing isn’t pleased with this choice, and makes the most awful noise.)

They’ve never really been “swing babies” anyway, but it’s definitely been a nice option on a few rough evenings (ahh, how quickly I’ve let myself forget the colic and feeding issues!), and they did always enjoy the (quite pretty) change of scenery now and again. I’ll be thrilled to get the space back in my family room, but that darn thing has been a part of it for longer than (the tangible version of) the girls.
It’s also the last thing to be banished to the basement that we used when our girls came home for the first time. In doing all of this, I realized that I already forget what it was like to hold my newborns. How tiny they were. How they looked, how they sounded. I already forget all of it. :'(
Did I mention that I hate change?

(Aack! This was supposed to be an update, not a total downer post. I’ll work on getting an entry up about our outing today sooner rather than later, to bump this one down! Still, the catharsis was helpful….. (Maybe?)).


  1. Jennifer,
    All I have to say is Diddo! I know exactly how you feel! : ) Thanks for getting it all out for me. I feel like I just went through a therapy session or something : )

    Have a good weekend.


  2. That singer would be David Bowie, I believe. šŸ™‚ An excellent song, by the way, worth hearing again and again all the way through.

  3. I knew someone would fill in the gaps! šŸ™‚ I’ll go check it out…

  4. Jen- I know how hard it is to transition and have to put things away because the babies have outgrown the item(s). It is sweet to look back at how tiny they were but they are an awful lot of fun now. I guess that is what you have to cling to. The smiles they bring day in and day out. Though it is sad that they are getting so darn big I am so glad you take the time to post so often and express your feelings through your blog. It is probably theraputic to more than just one person! Hope the birds are out of the garage. I don’t blame them for wanting to get out of the cold~