"It’s All Happening at the Zoo"

Simon & Garfunkel. I know that one, but I don’t know what’s with the song lyric post titles. I’ll try to quit.

It did end up being even warmer yesterday than the forecast predicted. It hit – no exaggeration – 59 degrees! That’s so close to 60! In January!

(If only I weren’t constantly brought back down to reality that it’s still winter. We have a high of 26 today in the ‘burbs, and I’m sure we’ll still get our yearly February blizzard. Gross.)

Enough about the weather, you want pictures. I know why you keep coming back… 😉

We met up with Stacy and her girls, as well as new friends Lindsay and Torin. As I mentioned, Elise and Avery got to ride like “big girls” in the stroller. It would seem they enjoyed it!

We weren’t the only ones impressed with the weather. We were only there about 2 hours, but some of the animals that are not always the most viewer-friendly made an appearance. The rest were really active too, despite it being mid-afternoon!

{Editor’s note: No pictures of Puumba this time, we didn’t make it to the nursery :(.}

I do think, though, that these guys might like it to warm up a bit more still —

I know the girls were paying attention at least some of the time, thanks to a fabulous shot that I didn’t even notice until I got home. I assure you nothing fascinating (to you and I) had just happened. If I recall correctly, the best it could have been was a bird jumping from a rock into the water. The girls, however, took note!

Yes, the girls were fond of their new view of the world. Elise found herself able to get very comfortable —

— while poor Avery just kept getting a jolt when her sister would kick her seat from behind. Note to self, DEFINITELY have to take turns in each seat!

Ultimately though, both of them were able to relax just fine, and enjoy a nap in the sun!

What a nice break from the cold!