Mesh Pouches and Biter Biscuits!

Lots of new finger foods lately! One night, Elise and Avery got two special treats before bed!

First, we finally tried out the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeders that we were initially so excited about, and then never got around to using πŸ˜‰

I’m not sure we’ll use them often, since they don’t really get to each much through them, but it was a nice way to “try” grapes since they aren’t allowed eating them (choking hazard and all) for a year or two still! πŸ˜›

The packaging says you can do meat, etc in here…. but I just don’t see the point in that. For fresh fruit though, especially as things like Watermelon come in season, I think it will be great!

They also finally got to have a go at the Biter Biscuits. The girls found these in their special “purses” at Christmas from Grandma Shelly. They (and we) were finally ready for them. As you would expect, the girls loved them! (Why wouldn’t they, those things are TASTY!) Also as you would expect, they were an absolute mess. Thankfully the sleepers they were in were already filthy and it was almost bathtime, so we didn’t bother stripping them down. In general, we certainly would!

They went straight into the mouth (as everything does)

Hmm…. this thing is different!


All done! Or Mommy says so anyway, when it gets too small and mushy to handle! πŸ˜›

Check out the Picasa album for a few more pictures, and stay tuned for a bit of video coverage! It was especially funny when Avery would “lose”the biscuit and try and retrieve it!


  1. love the pictures! i can’t wait to give henry all of those “fun” foods πŸ™‚ the girls are looking so…grown up!! and too cute.

  2. Thanks! They really are turning into little girls instead of babies, aren’t they?! Yikes!

    The food is so much fun, although it’s sometimes hard to give up control (with regards to messes, watching them get frustrated as they try to “work” finger foods, etc). I can’t wait to see pictures of Henry discovering all of this new stuff!

  3. Great pics! Those biter biscuits and the zweback toast are definelty yummy for them but boy are they messy (for mommy)!!! πŸ˜‰