(Sorry for the choppiness of the second. Blogger would have taken the rest of the month to upload the 6 minutes of video we started with, so I tried to cut down as much of the ‘downtime’ as I could. As it stands, it took quite a while. No time to employ my mad editing skills :)).


  1. Did they have those pouch things when we were kids? I think they should’ve. 🙂

  2. Nope! Actually, Ruth – the Speech Therapist at Max’s House – used to pay good money for those suckers, for the kids learning (or re-learning) how to swallow, etc. I think she said they were something like $12 a pop, from some specialty magazine? When I was registering for the girls, I came in and told her you can now find them anywhere (meijer, target, etc) for about $5 per two-pack! 😛

  3. They are so darn cute!