Vote for my Snow Babies! :)

I don’t think we win anything, but it’s still fun. They could be on the 6:00 news! 🙂

(You can vote for each one once!)


  1. I saw Elise! 🙂 Hopefully the two of them will get on next. 😀

    Did you get to see her?

  2. Actually, the one of both of them WAS on! After Elise’s solo shot…. they’re doing well in the votes though, so maybe Avery’s will make it on, too. I taped the TV with my camera to post here 😛

  3. That’s awesome! 😀 I’m glad you got it on the camera. 🙂 Mommy wants to know when the picture of both of them was on.

  4. Oh, and what did they say about it? When Elise’s picture was on, the lady said something about her trying her best to make a snowball; it was cute. 🙂

  5. The anchor chick was confused… I think she said something about it not being 7-month old Elise, wait yes it is – 7 month old Elise & Avery… something about snow for the first time. Not quite as cute 🙂 I mean, just what she said. Of course the girls were cute! 😉

  6. Adorable!