One for the Other Thumb!

First to six… pretty sweet. Awesome, AWESOME performances by Roethlisberger and Holmes, two of our favorites. A nail-biter. Some absolutely stupid decisions by a few Pittsburgh punks that could have changed everything, but a team that held it together until the end. A tear-jerker of a picture watching Hines Ward and his adorable son with tears in their eyes as they celebrated. A passionate Cardinals team that fought their collective heart out for the last half of the season and an entire post-season and still celebrated with their Pittsburgh counterparts and acted with poise and class, despite what has to have been unbelievable disappointment. A truly career-defining game winning drive. No questionable calls (that weren’t ultimately confirmed correct in replays). No wrongful penalty flag-throwing. Nothing but praise by “the experts” for everyone on both sides of the ball.

That was a good Superbowl.
The commercials? Eh, not so good. I’ll rewatch them tomorrow with Kyle and maybe have another opinion, but nothing too terribly memorable.
But the game, definitely one for the ages. On all accounts.
Congratulations, Pittsburgh Steelers!