My poor baby! :(

So Elise has been sick for a while now. About 13 days ago, she had a bit of a stuffy nose. Nothing special. A few days after that it started draining, but still nothing special. On Tuesday, I called her Pediatrician because she started these AWFUL coughing fits. As per evidence the AAP has, we wouldn’t start antibiotics until the 2 week mark because it’s more likely viral. I totally get that.

Today, the cough sort of subsided! As a nurse, I think this means two things — 1) you’re better, or 2) you have pneumonia. Elise most certainly was not better, because she is a different child than I have ever seen today. Sleeping non-stop, clingy as all get out (crying if left down for even a second, and usually even crying in my arms), not eating (what?!) and… spiking fevers left and right. After Tylenol, it was 102. It was 103 and climbing quickly when the Tylenol faded after an hour or two.

Ears looked “pink but not 103 pink”. Throat looked “pink but not 103 pink”. Lungs sound ok, but per our (brilliant, I think!) pediatrician, sometimes kids “hide” pneumonia. “Let’s just rule it out”, he says.

Or, let’s just rule it in. She has pneumonia! 🙁 I’m glad we caught it fairly early, and praying that it’s bacterial and responds to antibiotics quickly, because she’s miserable. She had a terrible day as it was, then went to the doctor and had stuff stuck up her nose and on her fingers, then to the hospital for xrays, IV blood draws and heel sticks.

Please keep her in your prayers, and Avery as well — she’s about 7 days behind in symptoms but following the same path. The good news is, that likely just means she has the same virus that started it all. The odds are in her favor that she won’t also have it settle into pneumonia, but at least we know what we’re dealing with.

We’ll see Dr. B again tomorrow to make sure she isn’t getting worse. I’ll keep you posted!


  1. I’m so sorry that Avery and Elise are both sick. I really hope they both feel better soon! I will be thinking about you all and pray they are feeling well again soon! Hopefully Elise’s fever breaks soon and she’s back to her cute old self. 🙂

  2. POOR Baby! I feel so bad for little Elise. We prayed for her when you called and said you were taking her to Children’s for the x-ray. Now we’ll pray the antibiotics kick in really quickly so she can feel better and be back to her smiley self!

  3. Oh poor Elise! I hope she feels better soon and responds to the meds quickly. And that Avery doesn’t end up with it too! ((((Hugs))))

  4. RSV negative? wheezing, retracting? eating? drinking? poor baby! Call me if i can help. love you all. take care. we’ll be praying for you all.m

  5. Thanks everyone… hopefully the meds will kick in quickly.

    Shelly, no retracting as of yet. I think it just settled in, because she literally went from “kind of sick with a cold (x12 days)” to REALLY freaking sick overnight. Hopefully we caught it in time to treat before it gets any worse. Sats were fine in the office, she is just really tachypneic and febrile. She honestly sounds like she’s moving air really well, I’m glad we got the CXR!