I crack up every time I see this photo.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to leave a comment “captioning” the photo. I just think it screams “funny/inspirational poster”, no? 😛

There just may even be a randomly generated “winner”, that gets an actual prize! You have until 6pm on Tuesday, February 24th to play. Just submit your best caption, and I’ll randomly select a comment by Wednesday (honestly random, all you have to do is participate, not “win” ;)) and said participant will receive a little something in the mail. No lie, I’m just searching for ways to procrastinate around here, and thought some of your ideas might lighten my spirits after a rough couple of weeks of illness!


  1. Jen (blueeyes) says:

    “I am so tired of cameras in my face! Is it going to be like this at Disney the whole time too?” by the way, i say take a TON of pictures in disney 🙂

  2. “Leave me alone mommy, I’m practicing my lion roar for when I see Simba at Disney World! roarrrrrrrr”

  3. Well in sticking with the Disney theme of these comments….”Let’s go kick some Hunny Buns!” Ha ha 🙂 Name the movie!

  4. Theresa-babytrees says:

    “Ay, Matey!!”

    Hey if those two do Disney I will too!! She is practicing for POTC!!

  5. I’m not doing a caption yet, but Leah’s is from Mulan! 😀

  6. “Hey! Don’t get in my way mom, I’m going to see MICKEY!!”

  7. Good job Cassie 🙂

  8. You know, mommy, I can’t keep up with being adorable in ALL those pictures you take of me. A girl’s gotta growl sometimes!

  9. “Aaaaarrrrrrggggg, Matey! Who stole my eye patch?” From Kim

    “Birdie, Birdie in the sky
    Why did you do that in my eye?
    I won’t fret and I won’t cry
    I’m so thankful cows don’t fly!”
    From Ayed

  10. Hmm.. how many captions can we do? 😛 I’ve got quite a few and don’t know whether or not I’m allowed to post ’em all. haha

  11. Sarah, I would love to see whatever you’ve got! I’ll only county one “entry” per person, but would like to laugh at all of them 😉

    You all are hysterical, keep them coming!

  12. Okay then, 😛

    Caption1: “Mommy, why an anal thermometer???”

    Caption2: “However hard I push, it still won’t come out.”
    ~Elise’s first taste of constipation.

  13. “I can’t believe the Bengals put their franchise tag on Shane Graham!”

    Yes, she’s an informed Bengals fan. 🙂

    Seriously though, what’s up with that? I love Shane Graham as much as anyone, but the franchise tag, really?

  14. Gee Mom, All I ask is tht you get my bottle to me on time:)