MD Follow-Up

Because Elise was working SO hard in the office yesterday, Dr B. wanted to see her again today to make sure she didn’t need closer monitoring.

She’s doing 1000x better (which isn’t saying a lot), and still staying oxygenated.  The doctor was comfortable with her staying home (I’m sure it helps that he knows Kyle and I, and that we’re in the positions we’re in vocationally ;)) as long as she doesn’t need IV antibiotics.  Since she is seemingly responding well to the oral meds, we’re just to keep an eye on her temp and call if it spikes again.  She also sounded a bit bronchiolitic, but hopefully she’ll be able to clear everything on her own and not have any additional breathing difficulty.  If either of these things were to become an issue, or if the blood culture starts growing anything scary, she’d be directly admitted to Children’s for IV antibiotics (probably just a day or so), but Dr B is confident (as am I) that it won’t come to that.  Let’s keep praying that our confidence isn’t unfounded!

All this after our phone and internet have been out for 2+ days and we had a repairman come out today.  He found the problem (something down the road, don’t ask me!) and we’re connected with the world again!

I’m also hosting a 65th birthday party tomorrow complete with several out of town guests, some of which have never met the girls… all before getting ready for and attending a black tie function at Miami.

Can our vacation come quickly, please?


  1. I wish I were attending a certain black tie function…. alas I shouldn’t really travel that far in this “condition”, nor could I possibly find anything to wear 😛

    Have fun, though, and know that I am super jealous!

  2. Um… yeah, I think you ought to stay home in your condition 🙂 If you were closer though, you could wear whatever and be radiant anyway! We’re looking forward to it, as long as I survive that far 😉

  3. need a free babysitter??