A Bit Precarious…

Elise has been working hard on pulling herself up around the house! She has getting into a kneel down pat, and has progressed to getting up all the way. Her favorite thing with which to do this is the Learn & Groove Music Table. It takes her a second (and some flexibility that makes her once-limber mama jealous) to get most of the way up…

… then she works a little while at straightening herself the rest of the way (the best she can on a “table” with 2 legs off at the moment, and while trying to play at the same time!) …

… until finally she is where she wants to be! (And once there, she is quite pleased with herself!)

Of course, with learning how to pull oneself up to a stand, comes the next logical predicament that works her up in a tizz every time — how to get down. 🙂

(Sorry about the video… blogger won’t let me rotate the original file. I know this, and usually avoid shooting this direction, but forgot this time. If you’re at work, or somewhere you need to do your blog reading inconspicuously, save this for later. Otherwise, just tilt your head and know that a)it’s not a long video, and b) I’ll do my best not to do this to you any more!)


  1. I believe the hand gesture is not bye bye in this case, rather – come here! Hope she is feeling much better today.

  2. Yeah, you’re probably right 🙂 Actually, this morning it was also “i’m angry my bottle is gone”, “get me out of this saucer”, and “don’t wipe my nose”. I’m pretty sure she’s confused…. 😉

  3. Well I think it can certainly mean all those things. 🙂 She’s too cute.