A Busy Weekend, and more illness….

We had an extremely busy weekend, which is probably part of the reason some of us are more sick than we have been in previous weeks!

First, there was of course lots of preparation, cooking, cleaning, etc for visitors and special events. Never fun ๐Ÿ˜›

On Saturday morning, we started getting out-of-town guests in to surprise my grandmother for her 65th birthday. We had the party here, and enjoyed lots of time with family from all over! Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of pictures from the event, but here are a couple of the birthday girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday evening, Kyle and I went to Miami’s Bicentennial Charter Day Ball! The university holds this black-tie event every three years to honor the signing of the charter in 1809, but this particular year’s gala was nothing short of spectacular. I remember during my freshman year (in 2001) that Miami was already gearing up and in full swing planning the calendar of events marking the bicentennial, and the Charter Day Ball was the pinnacle of a month of celebration!

The site that is (supposedly) hosting pictures of the event is not currently working, so I’ll save that info for another day…. hopefully soon!

Getting ready for the event was a bit out of the ordinary, for multiple reasons. First, it was oddly nerve-wracking coming downstairs to a house full of “leftover” guests (that sounds terrible… I had invited some from way out of town who had just met Elise & Avery for the first time to stay. They were very welcome!). I felt like I was meeting a prom date! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also, to make matters more fun, Elise started wheezing and having Reactive Airway Disease issues that I knew were coming. While getting ready (which included doing my own hair because I wasn’t paying for someone else to do it then going out in a snow/rain storm), we were calling back and forth with the pediatrician, calling in breathing treatments, picking up and administering said breathing treatments, and hoping they worked the first time so we didn’t have to go to Children’s Hospital in a tux and sparkly red gown.

They worked, and continue to work. Elise is doing all right, we had a great time at the event (even if we did leave with the 80 year olds at about 10:30pm) and enjoyed a (mostly) relaxing Sunday afternoon together.

Of course, Elise is still battling pneumonia (though feeling much better), and now Avery is in the throws of the nasty cold that started it all and I have….. an asthma exacerbation? (hopefully!) bronchitis? Who knows. All I know is that we have 10 days to all be at 100%, because we’re going to Disney World. This trip isn’t negotiable! ๐Ÿ˜›


  1. Aww, I’m so sorry that we couldn’t be there for Aunt Cora’s 65th birthday party!! But it looks like everyone had a great time!