Goodness gracious!

I can’t believe how quickly the girls are learning.  Last Saturday, their cousin Arrianna was here.  Arrianna is about a month older, and was pulling up on everything, crawling on 4-points, etc.  I made a comment that I guess the girls would be there, but it seemed like so much to learn in 3-4 weeks.  

Boy, did they plan on showing me.  Two days later, Elise started pulling up on everything.  Since the last video I showed, she has become a pro at pulling up to a kneel or stand, and getting herself back down.  Avery isn’t far behind, she just doesn’t do it quite as fluidly, yet.  Both girls are doing 4-point crawls and are getting so fast!  “Mamamamama” (their favorite word as of a few days ago) has turned into “sentences” with inflection and purpose.  What that purpose is I have no idea, but they seem to! 😉  Elise finally even said “dada”, after much prompting 🙂
It almost seems as if our trip comes at a bad time since they won’t be able to have free reign at WDW and probably won’t be crawling/cruising much anywhere while we’re gone, but since babies are apparently capable of picking things up even more quickly than Kyle or I realized, I think they’ll be fine.
I’m so sorry (to you and for myself, for posterity’s sake) that I’m not on top of pictures and video this week.  It would have been a fun one, considering they do something new not only daily, but after each nap! 😛


  1. I will bet you’re ecstatic that you will be seeing Mickey tomorrow!

    It’s understandable that there are no pictures, you’ve got packing to do.