We’re Home!

I hate the day weeks after Disney trips!  I wish we were still there, although the girls are thoroughly enjoying “remembering” all of their toys, their cribs, the dog, etc.  It’s hilarious!

We had a wonderful time (even if it did take quite a while to adjust to travel with the girls…) and have TONS of pictures and stories to share!  If you’ve joined our lives since the inception of this blog, that means you’ve never had the pleasure(?:)) of a “trip report”.  I will be writing one for an internet message board full of my fellow Disney Crazies 🙂 and will tone it down a bit before posting here, but it will still be chock full of details, details, details!  Less so on a trip where I was wrangling two mobile infants than on previous trips, but I assure you it will still be long.  I thought you deserved a warning 🙂  I also assure you it will take a while to get “up”, but please know I’m working my fastest (mostly for my own benefit, while Kyle is home!).  I have 2200+ pictures, though, to sort through on new software (not including race photos and photopass photos), so I’m not sure how quickly “my fastest” will be.

We’re looking forward to (and already talking about) our next trip back!  Until I can get back here though, I will leave you with one “race day” photo.  I find it absolutely hysterical that the girls are showing off their medals!


  1. welcome back! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. hi, i am glad you are home safely and happy you had a fun trip. can’t wait to hear all about it. i don’t know if it is something i am doing or if it is your new computer, but i used to be able to click on the pictures and enlarge them, but i can’t seem to do that anymore. any thoughts?

  3. Can’t wait to here ALL about it. I think I want to read the NOT tone downed version. So you’ll have to let me know where I can do that at! Glad you enjoyed yourselves and hopefully everyone stayed well!

  4. Shelly – the links should be fixed now! For whatever reason, if I compose in Safari instead of Firefox I have to manually add some html code to make them clickable. I think I’ll do it in Firefox from now on if I remember, to save the trouble and still make them links! 🙂