As I mentioned in my previous post, Elise and Avery are getting so big, so quickly! We’ll update you after the appointment tomorrow, but I can tell you they have definitely gotten longer and HEAVIER! 😛

As you will soon read, they ate a TON of finger foods in Walt Disney World! We stopped keeping track so you won’t get a full list of the things they eat now, but some of the new things included cheese cubes, macaroni and cheese, yogurt (with help of course!), tortilla chips & baked lays (just a few ;)), a french fry, muffins, chicken & pork (small pieces), lots of fresh and cooked veggies and fruits, etc. They loved feeding themselves and really started to pick out which things they preferred off the table…. but ultimately they’d finish just about everything! They have grown extremely fond of Cheerios (all types!), which I love because they’re so much cheaper than puffs! They both struggle a bit with the sippy cup still, depending on the variety, but they definitely can “get it” when they try. Elise is the most consistent with it still, and successfully drinks out of it on her own probably 50-75% of the time. We’re going to really start trying to use it more frequently so that we can say “Bye Bye Bottles” by the time they are a year old! The same goes for the pacifier…. they have already been using it only for naps and bedtime (for several months now), but we’re going to get back on track weaning that as well. Wish us luck! 🙂

Their motor skills are blowing my mind, both gross and fine. I’ve been keeping you somewhat up to date on gross motor skills, but here’s the rundown — both girls are crawling at full-speed, getting into EVERYTHING. Both of them pull up to their knees like they’ve done it forever, with Elise pulling up to a stand with the same amount of ease. She “cruises” a lot, too, when she’s up there! She’s never tried yet to make it long distances, but will move around a square toy or the coffee table like a champ. Avery will take a few “steps”, but is extremely leary of how off-balance she feels when she’s moving. 🙂

Honestly, none of that was too mind-boggling because I know about when babies start to do that stuff. The things I had forgotten though, are the fine-motor skills. I can’t believe how efficiently the girls pick things up with a pincer grasp and put them straight into their mouths! 😉 They are also starting to have such a purposeful play! I will tell a longer story about Elise on the plane ride home that illlustrates better, but they are so intrigued by putting toys into and out of containers, etc with such determination and, honestly, skill! How the heck do babies learn these things?! 😛 It’s been a fun several days watching them really communicate what they want, except for when those “communications” turn into tantrums from my oldest, crazy daughter. She has always been the, um, passionate one, but she can already throw a tantrum like the best of them. The unfortunate thing (for me) is that they don’t yet understand “no”! 🙂

Avery’s teeth, as I mentioned, have finally popped through. She has 2 on the bottom that are awfully cute! Elise’s top teeth broke through while we were out of town, but you can only see them when she is laughing. Check the picasa album (in today’s “milestone” photos) for a good one of the upper two!

They continue to string together consonants with inflection that cracks me up. They have also recently learned such crucial (;)) social skills as making noises by covering & uncovering their mouths, saying and waving bye-bye, crawling to someone and hanging on their feet when they want held (lucky us!), etc. They really are turning into such big girls, I can’t hardly believe it. I have such mixed emotions on the matter, as I’m sure most of you can relate!

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything to share. Both girls are sick (again!) – Elise with a horrific cough and Avery with a GI bug it would seem, but after they are well and now that we are back from our trip I’ll try to keep up more consistently – especially with videos, while they’re so entertaining. Here’s a quick one for you now, giving you a bit of an idea why I can’t get great pictures of them lying down anymore. They know what they want, and they go for it! 😛


  1. They are just too adorable!! I hope they both, and you, are feeling better today. What does Thursday look like for you?