Well, after nearly 6 hours in the ED today, Avery is a new person.  I say the ED because that’s where we physically were, but our pediatrician called in ahead and had us fast-tracked in.  Please don’t let that fool you though, as it did he and I — we were still there all day!

Her bloodwork came back and showed that her CO2 was quite low (low enough to where Kyle said that had a certain kind of alkalosis not “masked” the real number (without going into too many medical details ;)) she probably would have been shipped to base and admitted, so I’m glad we went in today.  It wasn’t medically urgent so we all went back and forth on the decision, but it definitely made a huge difference in getting Avery “over the hump”, so to speak.
She ended up getting a bolus of 150ml fluid and some Zofran to start.  Even after just that she was acting much better and taking juice & pedialyte like the starving child she should have been!  She was still somewhat dry though, and the (fabulous) doctor that was taking care of her said that if she’s here and has an IV in her little hand, we’re going to really tank her up before she goes home.   So she got another 150mL, plus 60 more of fluid with dextrose (sugar) in it to help correct her low blood sugar.  At this point she was a drooly mess, crying real tears and started to get puffy from the fluid 🙂  She was acting 10x better than the morning, so they just rechecked her glucose (normal) and sent us on our way!
Keeping up with the intake should be easier now that a) she’s had fluids and is out of the vicious cycle she was in (dehydration -> crappy feeling -> decreased appetite -> dehydration), and b) we have more Zofran available if we need it.  Man, I love that stuff (speaking from experience, as you all know quite well!).  Earlier, she would get 1/2 an ounce in her and immediately vomit.  As long as that isn’t an issue anymore, Kyle and I should be capable of pushing fluids enough to keep her hydrated.  Let’s hope, anyway.
While we were there, we also discovered she has croup.  She got steroids and now of course we’ll be watching Elise to see if their coughs aren’t “back”, but “new”.  It’s likely, considering how communicable croup is, but whatever.  We’ll wait and see, but I imagine they’ve shared it.  I wouldn’t mind that at all, honestly, because it’s easily treatable.  Between that and the boost we received in getting Avery over this GI bug, we’ll be on our way to a healthy household.
Of course, that is until Elise picks up this GI thing in full swing, but at least she’s my good eater.  We’ll pray that if she gets it, she can at least keep herself going without as much (costly and time-consuming) intervention!


  1. Oh my…I’m glad you all have a good Dr. I can only imagine knowing as much as you do and feeling the pressure of making the right decisions. After reading this I’m thinking I need to go to nursing school before I have kids! You know you all are alwways in my prayers but expecially now with all the time you’ve had with a house full of sick babies. I hope you can get some rest!

  2. I’m sorry you and the girls had to spend the day in the ER but I’m glad to hear that Avery is already feeling better. I hope that continues and both girls (and mommy and daddy) get and stay healthy for a while! You seem very calm and pulled together. I think that I’d be a wreck!! Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. Thanks ladies! Amy, there were definitely a few minutes yesterday where I pretty much lost my mind. I don’t know how anyone is cut out to have two screaming girls in an ED room that’s so small! 😛 Elise was louder than Avery, go figure.

    Leah, it’s a site called wdwinfo.com. They have message boards (giant) hosted at disboards.com. 🙂

  4. for all the medical people who read the blog… low CO2 is acidosis – probably metabolic from loss of bicarb in her stool (I know I’m a nerd)

  5. Well if you’re going to do that, you should explain why it should have read lower. (Alkalosis from hypovolemia….) 😉 Love you!

  6. Jennifer,
    You and Kyle are funny! Seem like such a great pair : )

    I am so glad things are going better for Elise and Avery!! I hope you are as lucky as we were with croup and that it doesn’t get passed along to Elise and is over quickly. My girls resorted back to thinner jar baby food when they were sick. The chunky foods seemed to make them gag and cough. I am sure because their throats were already irritated and full of mucus!

    Hope you have a good weekend and are able to spend some of it in the sunshine!