WDW Day 4

Sunday, March 8th

As we woke up for the first time on Sunday, we looked at the clock and saw it was nearly 7:00am! The girls hadn’t made a peep, and – thanks to Daylight Savings Time changes – they wouldn’t be ready for a nap at the exact time the parks would start to open! Sure, we lost an hour at Disney… but if it makes for a more enjoyable trip, I’d have given up a few!

On our way to Epcot, I grabbed a Blueberry Mickey Muffin at the Bakery and Kyle grabbed a mug o’ coffee at Boardwalk Joe’s. We took our time and still strolled in just a few minutes after 9. As we headed toward Future World, we could see that the 1/2 Marathon was still in full swing. The later start time had a lot to do with it, I’m sure, but it actually worked out well. I don’t know if people were avoiding Epcot because of the event or what, but the park was empty! We weren’t sure how long it would last, but we were going to take advantage of it while we could.

Our first stop was the Land Pavilion. I had been dreaming of riding Soarin’ again, and was so desperate to do so that I could practically smell the Orange Groves when I listened to the soundtrack at home. I grabbed a fast pass and then “waited” (walked right on) in the Standby Line, grabbing a rider swap pass on the way. We might both get to ride twice, with very little or no wait!
{Every time I ride it, that ride is every bit as good as the first time. It was made more sweet by sitting between two first time riders, too!}

While Kyle was riding, the girls decided to wake up. They played with their Mickey and Pluto plushes while we waited, and as soon as he returned we strapped the girls in their carriers, left the stroller behind, and headed for the Seas! Maybe Avery and Elise would get to enjoy something, too!  We walked immediately onto The Seas w/Nemo and Friends, which the girls found moderately interesting. I’m sure it pales in comparison to some dark rides, when you are too distracted by things like jacket zippers to notice fish in distant aquariums! 🙂  They actually enjoyed the aquariums in the pavilion after the ride much more, because they had time to notice and watch the fish.

Turtle Talk with Crush was just about to begin when we exited the ride, so we walked in to see if the girls would make it through the show. They did well, and Avery was actually captivated by Crush! Elise couldn’t have cared less, and wanted to get out and go somewhere else, but she stayed very quiet. Thank you, Cheerios! 

Next stop was the Imagination Pavilion, to introduce the girls to our friend Figment. They enjoyed the ride, but were – as you might expect – scared silly with the Blast(!)  We stopped in the Kodak Labs to send a quick hello to the grandparents, and 3920483 takes later, and we were all at least looking at the camera. It would have to do!
So here we were, before lunch, and we’d already ridden three rides AND posed for a postcard. What was happening?! All the excitement left the girls exhausted, so they got a bottle and settled back into the stroller while Kyle rode Soarin’ on the FP. A series of unfortunate events, crabby hysterical babies, etc would leave me unable to ride again, but it’s ok. We’ll go back 🙂  I took the girls to the companion restroom to change diapers, then for a walk around to calm down until Kyle met up with us.

We would have loved to hit Sunshine Seasons for lunch at this time, but it would have obviously been impossible while the girls were asleep, since there are no strollers allowed downstairs. Electric Umbrella it is! Oh, well, I thought. I secretly love WDW Chicken Finger meals, and haven’t had one in several trips! Except that the Electric Umbrella is apparently closed. Seriously, where did the Planner in me go?!

At some point during the trip thus far, we had decided we would just do our best to hang out wherever we were if the girls fell asleep somewhere on the go. This day, it meant wandering around Mouse Gear until they woke up. This girl had no complaints about that! I do, however, have a complaint about the new Vinylmation ….. things that we first saw there. Um, what? Perhaps I’m just not cultured enough or something, but …. what

We grabbed lunch at the Lotus Blossom Cafe in the China Pavilion on the way back to the hotel, eating quickly so we could get back.  Since the girls had caught a pretty decent (read: 40 minute) nap in the stroller, we thought it would be the perfect time to go for a swim!  We quickly found out they were just a few inches too small to sit in the baby pool on their own, so most of our time was spent motoring them around the Luna Park pool. They loved every minute of it, even the (multiple) times we took them underwater. What can I say, Kyle used to teach lessons … they had no choice!

We stayed in the pool for about an hour, then headed to the room for baths/showers and naps. As I sat in the room listening to the whimsical sounds of the Boardwalk (even that blasted, obnoxious seagull!), the Resort TV music playing softly in the room, and the girls snoring away (remnants of pneumonia and all), I realized that the trip had passed the “break even” point to “I’m (finally) at least glad we came”. Perhaps it would even end up a “good” trip, after all!

Before long, it was ready to head to dinner with Pooh and friends at the Crystal Palace! When we got there, there were dozens of people filling the porch, the walkways all around the restaurant, etc. Seriously, where did everyone come from? Still, the girls enjoyed playing (out of the stroller) while we waited, and we were seated in about 15 minutes.  
It was during this dinner that we learned Elise and Avery really DO like the characters, so long as they haven’t been up since 4:30am traveling. They loved every bit of interaction with Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore. They loved feeling them (I’m sure the fac
t that they are like giant plush helps!). They watched as each one approached the table (including staring as they visited tables before us), interacted with them the entire time they were with us, and watched as they walked away and until they were out of sight.

After dinner (which wasn’t bad either 😉 ), I took Avery to the Baby Care Center to get changed and wait for Kyle and Elise. We made friends with the wonderful cast members, and soon the 4 of us were heading down Main Street to grab a spot for Spectromagic!  For whatever reason, things had worked out today and – even though the crowd situation wasn’t ideal – we’d get to see Spectro & Wishes after all! I literally had tears in my eyes as it started, I was so excited.

Elise tried her darndest to stay awake for the parade, and Avery woke up for a minute here and there. They seemed to be as enamored of it as I am, from what I could tell.  😉

We got one of my favorite spots for Wishes, too. What a beautiful night!
It was utter chaos trying to leave, as we expected, but the girls slept and we were actually transferring them to the car by 9:45pm. We were all exhausted when we got back to the room, but couldn’t have asked for a better day. Finally! 🙂


  1. Oh my gosh, those pictures with Pooh and friends are so freaking cute! I mean, they’re all adorable, but you can tell that they loved those characters so much! 🙂