WDW Day 5

Monday, March 9th

Ok, so no more late nights. The girls had horrendous nights, taking turns with meltdowns that would last for hours. What seemed to have gone well obviously had a larger impact that we could see, so out the window went plans for Fantasmic and Illuminations (We had discussed each going to one alone, but would later decide that it wasn’t worth the hassle). Oh, well! It’s a new day now, so we were off…

We were actually heading through Epcot to the Magic Kingdom (so not an efficient way to travel, as I learned on my solo trip, but nice when you have twin girls who freak out getting in and out of a stroller!), but got distracted. I ducked into Club Cool for my almost-daily dose of Kinley and we noticed it was perfect timing to hit the Character Connection. We waited about 10 minutes (love the queue area with classic cartoons!) and had a great time with all of the characters. 

Finally, we were on our way to the Magic Kingdom via the monorail. We had brought along two little Tinkers, so we headed straight for Pixie Hollow to see if it was doable after arriving so late.  When we got to Toontown, the wait times were listed at 15 minutes (Princesses) and 45 minutes (Fairies). I tell you what, I’m thinking the princesses are glad to have some people with which to share the load, no?

We decided the girls wouldn’t care either way (and we have the next size Tinkerbell costumes too ;)), so we hit the Princess line. In about 2.5 minutes flat, we were in! Hmm….. a little off on the wait time! The girls enjoyed meeting the princesses, but were mostly just in awe of their dresses!  Since the line was only slightly longer for the Fairies, we figured there would be no way it would actually take 45 minutes to get back there, so we hopped in that one as well. Hooray!

We were right, it didn’t take 45 minutes. It took about 65. With hungry girls, who we thought would be out long before lunchtime.  Still, it made for some cute photo ops, and Tinkerbell was FABULOUS. Just PERFECT. She talked with Elise and Avery about their training, and playtime and snacks and all the fun things they would learn from her. “How many seasons are you?” (8 months) “Ooh, you’re brand new Tinkers! We’re going to have a long time to spend together!”

We made a pit stop at Pete’s Garage (bad pun intended), then sat on Minnie’s Porch and fed the girls. We made a quick run into her house, but it was SO crowded that we headed back out as quickly as we had entered!

From here, we headed to Fronteirland for lunch at Peco’s Bills. Kyle loves their burgers (and the fixin’s bar), but we don’t eat there often because I don’t really like anything on the menu all that well.  The girls slept while we enjoyed our lunch. My favorite part though, was watching Kyle spend several minutes meticulously building his masterpiece of a burger, only to watch it immediately topple all over (his plate, not the ground (thankfully)). Crush had said it so well during Turtle Talk the previous day: “… And when something happens that is totally bogus but somewhat humerous, ‘Duuuuuude’.” (Love you, Kyle! :))

After lunch we watched Philharmagic (do you think the girls noticed that everything was blurry? :)) and then rode The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. The girls loved it, as we expected.  I loved watching Kyle remind Elise and Avery of all the stories we had read from the Classic Pooh Treasury before our trip as we traveled through them!

What a morning! We had accomplished so much already, at least at the pace the trip had been going! We stopped for another Dole Whip on the way out of the Magic Kingdom. For the record, if you are ever at Aloha Isle and you see me, go to the line that is furthest away. It NEVER fails that something goes dreadfully wrong in whatever line I pick, and the entire park gets served before I do. This is not that much of an exaggeration. You’ve been warned.  Still, the end result is ALWAYS worth the wait, and I enjoyed it very much as we rode the monorail back to Epcot.

When we got there, the girls were sleeping so Kyle and I wandered through Innoventions for a little while. There is a lot there that is new since the last time we went! We took our time walking back to the resort, even waiting on the Friendship Boat (just for the heck of it). It had been a long, hot morning and we needed to relax in the room for a while!

–      –      –      –      –      –      –      –      –      –      –      –      –      –      –      –      –      –
In the late afternoon, we headed back into Epcot for dinner. The girls were in pleasant moods, it was a bit breezier (so not as hot as the morning, thankfully, although the weather was SO beautiful the entire trip that I can hardly complain!), and we were starving! Too bad we were going to San Angel Inn 🙂

We are determined to eat at every restaurant on property at some point, so we usually don’t repeat them that frequently. This might change, because we’re running out of really good ones! I didn’t notice until the end of the trip that (aside from The Wave, which is obviously new) there is a reason we hadn’t eaten at a few of the “new” restaurants on our list!

I ADORE the Mexico Pavilion. It holds such special memories for me, and is one of my favorite places in the World. Apparently, however, not as a place to eat. The restaurant was packed in so tight that we could hardly hear our own conversations over those coming from surrounding tables. The food was probably not even good enough to be labeled “mediocre”, but it’s cool. We’ve been there, and we don’t have to go back! 🙂

After dinner we rode the 3 Caballeros Gran Fiesta Tour, which the girls loved. Elise especially was hysterical to watch. She stood straight up on Kyle’s lap, and turned her head side to side (and practically in a circle at times) to see what was going on around her. So sweet!   We then rode again so I could get some pictures of Avery watching as well, because she enjoyed it just the same. Unfortunately, she was content to stare out her side, so most of the pictures are of the back of her head 😛  The girls were in such fabulous moods after dinner that we took our time strolling through the World Showcase and along the Boardwalk. We even played for several minutes in the Baby Care Center (shocking, I know), with a new friend Cindy. She was such a sweetheart, and the girls loved her!

On the way out, as Avery was catching a catnap in the stroller, Pluto made a surprise visit! Any bets on at what age she will look at pictures and say it’s “not fair!” that Elise got the bonus? 😉

It was absolutely the most gorgeous night thus far, and the Boardwalk was The Place to Be. We watched a magician for a few minutes before heading upstairs, and the girls remained so content. They played a while in the room before going to sleep at about 8:30. What a great day!

It was at this point in the trip that I realized our list of “If we get to its” had grown entirely too long for the number of days that were remaining. I desperately wanted to get back to the Animal Kingdom (namely for a few things like the Affection Section and Festival of the Lion King, as well as others), but the other parks still had so much more to offer for the girls, that we made a decision not to try and squeeze anything else in. What a bummer! Alas, we’d be back…. and in fact, I pulled out a calendar that same evening and began planning our return trip in October! 😉


  1. I love the picture of them with Belle and of Elise’s reaction to Pluto. Super cute!