Helping with the Dishes?

I got on here to write a post about a picnic. Instead, I found a few surprises waiting for me on the SD card! 😛

It would seem that while I was at the grocery store yesterday (?), the girls helped Daddy get the dishes out of the dishwasher! Too bad it looks like they were dirty… we’ll have to recruit them again when the current cycle is finished!

I’ll get to the other post eventually, but this was too cute to pass up!


  1. Too cute! And I’m now convinced everything you own is somehow Disney

  2. Ha! Not everything 🙂 Those plates are actually the only dishes I can think of (minus a few resort mugs, etc) that are and we just got those on our last trip because they were clearanced too low to pass up! We actually only opt for subtle Mickey/Disney stuff – nothing too gaudy for the house. Now toys are another story…. those are probably 75% Disney already! 😛

  3. That’s funny I missed those “hidden Mickeys” before reading the comments 🙂