A Wedding!

Yesterday, Elise and Avery joined us for their first wedding! Our friends Courtney and Yuri got married in a beautiful, bi-lingual ceremony at Norman Chapel. It was absolutely wonderful! The girls behaved extremely well, hardly making a peep (or “risking” having a cheerio or puff shoved quickly into their mouths!). They did well at the reception too. Of course, who wouldn’t do well when the first thing we see when we enter is a “candy bar” (scoop after scoop of your favorites!), and the next thing we see is even cooler. The lovingly dubbed, “potato-tini”! 😛

The girls enjoyed seeing their Med-Peds family and playing, but we didn’t get to stay out dancing with them — our 9pm departure (after dinner) was late enough, and they were pretty delirious by the time we left.

Some day (too soon!), they will be big enough to tear up a dance floor as only a toddler can do! 🙂

More photos in the Photo Albums!


  1. They look so cute! What are you doing Tuesday? What is Kyle’s schedule? Mom has an appointment at 2:40 in Lebanon. Thought she may want to see the girls…I know I do!