Busy, busy, busy!

On Monday (as you saw), Kyle, Elise, Avery & I went to the museum. On Tuesday, the three of us girls went to Stroller Fit and then had a visitor at the house in the afternoon. Wednesday was The Little Gym, and Thursday was a jam-packed day of 4 Corners Life Group at Sharon Woods, Playgroup at the Zoo, then a trip with Kyle to Treehouse Kids to check out the girls’ new ride (hopefully to arrive someday, though the wait is killing me!). While we were at Forest Fair Cincinnati Mills, we checked out the animals (both stuffed and live!) at Bass Pro Shops. Both girls loved the fish tank… it was like a second round of the zoo in the same day!

Avery enjoyed the stuffed bear —

But Elise, not so much!

She did, however, find the Fish Bench very cool (and I found her VERY cute, as usual!).

Yesterday we did Stroller Fit again and went to a worship concert at church in the evening, and today we’re off to visit Grandma Shelly and Grandpa Mike in Ottawa!

It’s actually a fairly typical week for us, but don’t worry — they have plenty of time to play with all their toys at home, too. πŸ™‚

I thank God that I am able to stay home with these girls and enjoy so much with them. They really are growing up so fast (speaking of which – 11 month post to come, perhaps a few days late!) and I have to cherish every moment with them!


  1. Hi there. Guess what? I made the fish bench. Painted it too! You can check out my art on facebook. Thanks for posting it. http://www.facebook.com/pages/JustTheFish/176967944826

  2. How cool, thanks for sharing! I checked out your page, you do great work. We still love the fish benches, too! πŸ™‚