11-Months! (+ 3 days, but who’s counting?)

In less than one month, I will have two 1-year-olds. *sigh*

Anyway, Elise’s and Avery’s 11th month of life (and particularly the last week or two!) has been one of major changes. We’ve said for months (or forever, perhaps), that the girls will not take bottles (if we could help it, of course) after their 1st birthday. It’s a personal choice, but it’s a strong one for us. We also thought they shouldn’t have pacifiers after the first year. A few weeks ago I realized that I didn’t want to make both major changes at the same time, along with the fact that they’ve JUST recently dropped their 3rd nap as well. Too much stress for precious little ones! So, we made a plan to start taking the pacifiers away around 11 months and then the bottle at 12. The best laid plans….. 🙂

The first week of May, we dropped an afternoon bottle in favor of a snack, more like toddlers would have, since that’s what my babies are turning into no matter how hard I try and stop time. Around the same time, for whatever reason, I decided to start offering their sippy cup with meals instead of a bottle after – again, like a big kid might take. I thought it would be a one time thing that wouldn’t go over well, but they did so great that we’ve done it for every meal since. There have been about 8 ounces consumed (by Avery only) via bottle for the last 2 weeks!

“Ok,” I told Kyle one day, “apparently we’re weaning the bottle now, since the girls are enjoying it and pretty much choosing to do so!” Fine with me, I thought, the pacifier is going to be the bigger pain anyway. You won’t hear me complain about putting that one off……

Also in the beginning of May, however, both of my girls lost their flippin’ minds. Out of nowhere, each and every time I would put them in their crib – be it naptime or nighttime – one or both of them would have complete and total meltdowns. We’re talking HOURS and HOURS and HOURS of hysteria. (And no, if any of you think you need to offer unsolicited advice ;), it’s not related to the bottles. You might recall my girls have never associated sleep with bottles, so that wasn’t an obstacle we had to worry about!)

We would walk in each time and see that they were holding their pacifier – or even one in each hand sometimes! – and it was CLEARLY providing no comfort. So, on Wednesday, May 6th, the pacis came out of the beds and we haven’t looked back since. Naptimes are no longer an issue and bedtime…. well, we won’t go there. We hadn’t planned on doing things this way, but why in the world would we go through this now (whatever the unknown cause may be), and then do it again in 4 or 5 weeks when we start taking the pacifier? I’m no fool, let’s kill two birds with one stone if we (meaning all 4 of us) have to go through this anyway! 😉

Language continues to improve, and they definitely understand “no”, though they don’t always choose to comply. Just like children, yes? 🙂 They continue to learn a few more signs, though some of them are still a bit fuzzy. They love to sing and listen to songs, especially ones with hand motions!

So goodness gracious, in a matter of days I have toddlers it would seem, no? This breaks my heart. As you can imagine though, it’s so much fun! The girls love walking with help, and are growing more and more confident and ready to do so on their own. Many times they let go and walk with us just barely holding one hand! They stand with ease for minutes at a time, tell the funniest stories (if only we could understand what they were about! ;)), mimic almost everything I do… there is never a dull moment, for sure!

Avery now has 3.5 teeth (her second top tooth is finally starting to break through, giving her tons of trouble) and Elise has 6! They are definitely choosy with their food — not in the sense that they won’t eat almost anything we put in front of them, but that they most certainly pick (and finish) their favorite things first, often asking (signing) for “more” when the rest of their meal hasn’t been touched. Silly girls!

They’ve outgrown Carter’s 6M pants (length) but still do well with the onesies and shorts. I’m sure the 9M stuff will be out soon! 6-9 Month clothes of other brands continues to fit really well. I absolutely can’t wait to get their measurements at the MD in a few weeks, because I know they are growing like weeds!

In case you were worried though, with all this change — they’re still as cute as ever! Want proof?


  1. Such sweet girls!

  2. It is amazing to me that Elise and Avery are already going to be 1. I remember seeing their newborn pictures and imagining what my baby would look like a short 6 weeks later. Wow! Time flies..congratulations on a fabulous 11 months. You and Kyle are doing a great job being the best parents to your little girls and they are lucky to have you.

  3. I remember Hana screaming and crying until she’d puke over the side of the bed. I’d go in there, clean it up, and still leave her. It seemed cruel and heartless and indeed I couldn’t do it with the others, but I swear to you that there’s no better scheduled sleeper in this house to this day. She is totally trustworthy with the alarm no matter what time and has never had the silly need to stay up all night on vacations or whatever like the other kids. So stick it out, the rewards for them, and also for you and Kyle, are tremendous. And yeah, they’re ADORABLE!

  4. Kim, thank you for that. I have not once actually questioned what we’re doing, because I know it is exactly why we had such good sleepers from the start (and not “lucky us”, as most people would say 😉 ). Honestly, it’s never bothered me too terribly much until we hit the 2 week mark (on Monday of this week). I had a rough night then and actually felt guilty, but knew it was still the right thing – especially after 11 months of it, why uproot what they know? We’ve done some adjusting to their nap schedule in the afternoon, so hopefully that will help (if they’re more tired when they go down). We’ll see!

    Amy, thank you for your sweet comments! It’s been fun “doing this” with you, albeit over the internet! 😉 Time really does go too quickly now!