Sound the Hallelujah Chorus!

Every single change that we’ve experienced in the girls lives has been, at the very least, bittersweet.  Moving the swing downstairs nearly killed me, even though it was cumbersome and took up space and we hardly used it anyway.  Same for the pack & play.  Some were just bitter, like packing up the preemie clothes that I will likely never have use for again.
And then there is Milk.  I bought two gallons of Vitamin D milk this week, and spent – for the two of them – $3.70.  This should last us 6 or 7 days.  The equivalent in formula would have been anywhere from $13-$30 (depending on the variety the girls needed at a given time).
A nearly 90% decrease in expenditures is never ANYTHING but sweet!
(And if anyone is curious, we decided to introduce milk when we were on our last canister of formula, which just so happens to be a small one (sample).  We started with 2 ounces of every 6 being milk, and today it’s 4 of 6, until we run out of formula.  So far so good, so everyone is happy!)


  1. That’s great!! I bet you are thrilled about the savings that’s going to be happening now. I’m glad the girls are enjoying the milk. Yeahhhh for big girls 🙂

  2. I did leave that sample didn’t I? I also have an envelope here at the house if you are around and want it, though it sounds like they are doing great on the milk.

  3. Yay for milk! 😀

    Haha but I have that thing in my favorites (subscribe to feed perhaps?), and all I saw was “Sound the Hallelujah Chorus!” I was pretty excited for whatever it was. 🙂

  4. So glad they are doing well with milk! I am sure that is a huge relief…$$$ in the pocket as well! My girls have been doing well with it too. Now if I can just figure out this weening stuff (from nursing).

  5. Mom, you did leave the can. We are using that, but you can pass the envelope along to someone else, we’re just about finished! 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    We’re starting the switch to milk, too. The ped gave us the okay at 9 months. But we had a ton of formula stockpiles, thanks to many trips to Costco. – NancyL

  7. We were planning to wait until a year, Nancy, just because our girls had such a horrendous time with GI issues on anything but specialty formula for the first several months of their lives. We attributed that to immature GI systems from being a bit early, so we didn’t want to push our luck. 11.5 months was close enough though, to not warrant buying another canister of formula! 🙂