June 16th, 2009

The girls’ birthday has come and gone. Kyle and I have two 1-year-olds! Yesterday we started out the day looking at the decorations that had made their way to our house.

Then after morning nap, we met some friends at an indoor playgroup. They had free play just for the girls’ special day! (Or not exactly. Think what you’d like.) It was mainly geared toward older kids (must not have gotten the message completely accurately), but the girls still had fun with their friends Addy, Anna and Avary for a little while.

After some errands in the afternoon, it was finally time for Daddy to come home! This in and of itself is a great way to celebrate, considering he’s been home all of an hour or so late at night each of the past several days (and will continue to do so even tonight).

We were sick of cakes/cupcakes after the onslaught of them over the past anniversary/birthday weekend, so we opted for something a little different:

The girls were still the center of the party, of course, and we even had their first “birthday dinner”. It’s tradition in the Lawless household to choose the meal on your birthday, so ours was mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese, & hot dogs (cut into 16ths, of course ;))! Not the most well-balanced (or, um, adult) choice of meals, but who are the guests of honor after all? I’m quite sure it’s what they answered when I asked them this morning what they would like for “birthday dinner”!


  1. Looks like they had a wonderful 1st birthday! The Lg. cookie looks very yummy, I am sure they enjoyed it! I think it is so cool to keep traditions going from one family to the next! We look forward to making some traditions with the girls! Hope you have a great photo shoot today!!


  2. Very cute, Jen!!!

  3. Hi Sarah! I totally thought you were a different Sarah (and then a DIFFERENT Sarah :-P) until I clicked over to your blog!

    Stacy, the cookie was pretty yummy if I do say so myself, though I hardly got a bite of it!