Here are the big 1-year-olds!

And a ((n) utterly futile attempt at a) special shot one more time, before saying goodbye to the last of 3 “homecoming outfit” incarnations!

FYI, though I don’t regularly use “catgories” on this blog, I did make a long-overdue change to these “Monthly Picture” posts. If you notice at the bottom of this entry, there is a link that reads “Monthly Memories”. If you click on that link, you can view all of the entries showcasing the girls growth on their blankets and in their Anywhere Chairs. It’s kind of fun to be able to quickly scroll through the past year and see how very much Avery & Elise have changed! (And as I always knew from the very beginning (NOT just in retrospect!), it also illustrates beautifully how much harder it got to parent twins the more mobile they got! ;))

Some random notes, since we’ve already talked a lot about their talking & walking & mimicking lately 🙂

The girls are in:
– Size 3 diapers
– Size 6-12 Month, or 9M clothing
– Size 2 shoes

They LOVE to eat:
– bananas
– mashed potatoes
– bread
– green beans

They DO NOT LOVE to eat 🙂 :
– corn
– seriously, just corn. Weird, no?

They are growing bigger, smarter, and even more beautiful every day!


  1. That they are!