I hate the summer. There, I said it.

I hate sweating, unless I’m working out. I hate sunscreen. I hate the clothes because, let’s face it, it’s much easier to cleverly disguise fat under a cute sweater or jacket. I hate the heat, and don’t give me the crap about cold – you can ALWAYS add extra layers. You cannot, however, get much closer to naked than we all have been lately. At least not legally, modestly (duh), and without grossing everyone out. At least if you’re me.

Add kids into the mix, especially two babies, and it just gets worse. The outfit changes (air-conditioner clothes –> outdoor clothes –> heat advisory clothes –> swimsuits –> air-conditioner clothes –> pjs –> repeat)… the sunscreen x3 and even more tedious … the miserable, hot, uncomfortable babies that don’t understand why it’s so disgustingly hot.

(Rant over, considering I doubt summer is going anywhere any time soon.)

All of that said, the ONE thing that makes it all bearable, of course, is water. Not drinking it, because you know I hardly do that ;). PLAYING in it! This is the reason that we were stoked to receive not just the sprinkler I fell in love with, and the pool I specifically asked for when asked what the girls “wanted” for their birthday (the heavy-duty, old-school plastic kind so it’s easier to get out each day. Oh yeah, and so I can sit in it, too), but also this super cool play mat. Seriously, we’re so set to do our best to keep cool as June, what was supposed to be the most mild month of the summer, ushers in the two hotter ones. Fabulous.

I have to admit though, it does a nice job keeping us cool, and – most importantly – makes for some very cute photos! πŸ™‚

A few more in the Picasa album, and lots more to come — of all the water toys, all (hot) summer I’m sure!


  1. I’m right with you about the summer thing…not my favorite time of year. The water mat is really cute though! We had something like that when my 4 were younger! Try to stay cool!!!

  2. It looks like they enjoy the water mat. I think I may have to invest in one too, it looks like fun for ME : )

    Thanks for coming over today…sorry it was so hot. More water toys for us all next time : )

  3. The mat looks like a lot of fun! Both girls look like they love it! Cute suits πŸ˜‰

  4. I’m with you, Jen. And it surely doesn’t get more uncomfortable than having to hold a squirmy, fussy baby in the heat when you’re both sweaty and sticky. Gross. Let’s just hope summer goes fast and ushers in a fabulously chilly fall πŸ™‚

  5. … except that we haven’t had much of a fall for at least 3 years. I hope that means we’re due! πŸ™‚

    Leah, the suits ARE cute. We actually have a couple more of the same “line”, so we’ll have the cutest mix & match babies all summer! I love them, and can’t wait to bust out the sprinkler now that I know they don’t mind the cold hose water!

    Stacy, how dare you not have had cooler weather πŸ˜‰ Seriously, we had fun despite the miserable heat!