Ball Pit, and other Basement Fun

The other day, after seeing the girls’ excitement over the ball room (not ballroom ;)) at the Museum Center, I thought it might finally be time to set up the ball pit in the basement. I had purchased the stuff for it 7-8 months ago, but the girls never really showed any interest. In fact, when I put them in a small pit at about 6 months old, they freaked out. I put it out of my mind, and forgot about it completely until earlier this week.

It’s nothing spectacular, but they seemed to enjoy it! (And wow, they really aren’t as cramped as the second picture would suggest. It’s not THAT tiny! :-P)

They also enjoyed checking out some of the other toys down there, and were content to play for nearly an hour in the basement – at dinnertime, even!

Yesterday, I split up some of the toys in the living room, swapped some stuff out, etc so they’ll just have a third set of stuff to explore when we need a change of scenery. I’ll take more pictures eventually, but the play area down there is coming along ok for a boring, dingy, unfinished basement!

(Yes, all the grown-up toys are all still down there. They will ALWAYS take priority — Elise & Avery run the rest of the house, you know… we have to keep some of it for ourselves! :))


  1. Love the ball pit. Did the balls come with the pit or are they in a pool? It is nice to change out the toys every now and then. I feel like the girls get sick of playing with the same toys. When I put them away and bring them back in a few weeks, they are excited to see “new” toys. The girls look adorable in their matching outfits. They look like such big girls in tank tops and shorts : )

  2. Definitely just a pool that I bought last summer, then I purchased the balls separately around Christmastime. All the girls really are getting so big!