Music Videos

Sort of.

Please note that my children, as is true of all one-year-olds, can sometimes be a bit self-centered. 🙂 You’ll see Avery’s selfish streak right off the bat in this video, and again toward the end as she shoves Elise out of the way of “her” xylophone …

Don’t worry. Elise knows how to get her sister back…

Some more music, for your their enjoyment:

And finally, remember the Usher video that made a few varieties of Atlanta Braves hats popular (the denim one of which was made in EXTREMELY limited quantities that had to be special ordered, which my sweet husband did for me!)? I think this video, featuring a slightly different version of the hat (but by the same company, no less!) is much cuter. You be the judge. Actually, I’ll spare you from watching the “Yeah” video and just tell you this one IS cuter. 😉

And now, you have that song in your head, don’t you? Yeah, sorry about that…


  1. oh my gosh, those are cute videos! i love how they both want their hats on. and i just cracked up with elise and her foot. what a stinker!!

  2. I was cracking up at the video with Elise putting her foot on the xylophone. That was too funny! I also loved Avery and Elise in the Braves hats. They are too cute!

  3. That video of Elise and her foot was just too funny – it’s priceless! How clever she is! I laughed out loud while watching. Thanks for sharing.