I have a friend name Karah (with an “h”).  Among other things – such as being sweet, funny, and beautiful – she loves Cincinnati more than anyone I’ve ever known.

Today, the girls and I went to meet her for lunch!  We parked at her work, which is just a couple of blocks from Paul Brown Stadium (with a large window in the conference room which looks down onto the field).  She met us downstairs, and we walked 1 block to the coolest deli, to pick up fabulous sandwiches for lunch.  We continued our walk less than 0.5 blocks to her condo.  How cool is that?  She walks to work every day, because even a bike ride isn’t worth the hassle.  “It’s too close for that,” she tells me.
When the girls and I get into her place, I am thrilled.  For one hour, I live vicariously through her.  The place is freaking adorable.  A real brick accent wall, awesome track lighting and duct work, gorgeous wood floors, a raised sitting area… a very cool, chic, urban condo.  Then there is this gorgeous, modern kitchen.  And a fenced-in patio!  She even managed to find a first floor unit with real sky-lights, because of some sort of “cut out” in the old building.
Avery and Elise played with her dog Brianna, who is the most well-behaved dog I’ve ever seen anywhere.  Avery was touching all over her face, while the sweet pooch just sat still and took it in.  Bri kissed the girls sweetly, and even Elise was thrilled to be on her level…. once she got used to her. 🙂
Right off of the patio sits Karah’s bike.  Because, you know, if you live downtown you can get places on a bike.
I recalled to her Kyle’s and my dream of getting an urban loft somewhere while he was in residency.  As she pointed out (and I agree), it’s even feasible to have your first baby downtown, while they’re an infant and not particularly missing the extra space or a suburban Yard.  Heck, my stroller was made for city living.  Perhaps a remnant of that dream we once had…. or, perhaps just the best stroller one can buy no matter where you live, in my humble opinion 😉
Anyway, Kyle and I didn’t miss out on any opportunities for urban living.  Instead, we just realized that we didn’t really want that.  I can’t imagine that we’ll ever live anywhere but the suburbs (and hopefully a bit less outskirt-y than we are now), and I can’t imagine that we’d be happier anywhere else … but still, it’s fun to daydream.  And it’s super fun that my dear friend, who most deserves and appreciates our Downtown, is living that very dream.  I’m so happy for her, and so happy we got to spend the afternoon with her!
(I’m just bummed my camera had only dead batteries in it!)


  1. HEY! Was that deli perhaps called deli 720? We eat down there alot – it is sooo good! 🙂

  2. Hmm… I don’t think so. I don’t remember the name, but I think it was a word before “deli” and not a number after! 😛