Busy, busy, busy!

I know, you think we’re ALWAYS busy.  We are I suppose, but I feel like we’re always on the go this month – moreso than usual.  I apologize for the lack of updates here!

This week, in addition to normal stuff – naps, grocery shopping, baths, eating (a lot… I have 2 growing little piggies!) – we are also involved in two studies with Proctor & Gamble, I have put in some more hours working (on a consulting gig, while the girls sleep), the girls and I had 2 lunch dates, a dinner date, a baby shower, a birthday party, a party at Nana’s work, a visit (each) with 2 sets of grandparents, and hosted playgroup.  Hmm… and I was surprised I didn’t make it to Stroller Fit?  We were also busy getting songs, dresses, hair accessories, tuxes and travel plans ready for Aunt Kelly and Uncle Justin’s wedding this weekend.  And both girls have been sick, with one or both having high fevers most of the week, and ear infections that (annoyingly) didn’t correspond with the fevers.
So anyway, all of that as an excuse – however poor – for not updating as frequently as I would have liked.  I’m planning on working on it tomorrow, but I also have an overdue playdate with a sweet friend and her daughter, then I have to come home to get things ready for a game night at our house.  We’re starting this week off just as we finished the last!
I did want to leave you with this, though — pictures of Elise’s & Avery’s new favorite place to hang out.  They treat the couch like a Bounce House, running along it, falling/diving into the cushions, and laughing hysterically.  So funny!
A few more pictures in Picasa, with more to come this week!  I promise!


  1. I cannot say it enough…they are just too cute! I am sad I will only get to see them for a little bit tomorrow.