Watermelon, anyone?

Or perhaps some spaghetti?

On Saturday, the girls and I made an appearance at the PNC Customer Appreciation Soiree sidewalk something or other. It was supposed to be a big ordeal, but the monsoon canceled most of the activities. Instead, the girls and I had a picnic of hot dogs and cotton candy on the bank lobby floor. Exciting, no? 🙂

After this and a quick visit to the Lawless grandparents, we went to St. Rita’s for a baby shower of a sweet friend of Kyle’s and mine from Miami. She and her husband (another Miami Merger, and both friends of ours) are expecting a little one in just a few short weeks! We enjoyed our short time spent at the shower, and the girls were very well-behaved! So what if they ingested several bites of watermelon rind?

Finally, on the same day, we had another quick visit this time with the Kaufman grandparents. Unfortunately, Avery was wiped out and Elise was burning through another fever, so it wasn’t the most productive of visits. Still, it gave rise to the opportunity for more adorable spaghetti pictures…. 🙂

(“Spaghetti Jimmy Wins!” (Who can name the source?!))


  1. Credit Card commercial!

  2. Ding ding ding, we have a winner! And very quickly, too. That commercial drives me nuts, but every time the girls eat spaghetti I find myself saying something like that! 😛