Wedding Weekend B&B

While we were in Ottawa for Kelly & Justin’s wedding last weekend, we decided to stay at a Bed & Breakfast nearby so as to try and let the girls sleep as much as possible. Ordinarily we would stay with Kyle’s parents, but we knew it would be very busy there and wanted to keep the girls on as normal a schedule as possible. When Shelly said there was a B&B in town (to mine and Kyle’s surprise, though it turns out there are at least 2!), we thought it would be ideal.

The Plan was to get the girls back to sleep at their bedtime on Friday night after the rehearsal so that they could get a good night of sleep before the Big Day, and then could also take a nap and stay out a bit later to dance at the reception. Elise and Avery are amazing dancers, you know!

I’m not sure why we ever come up with The Plan. The first night was one of the worst we’ve had in 14 months, likely because we got back “home” much later than we anticipated. I think I got 2 hours of sleep and the babies got ~4, including Elise sleeping in our bed for a couple of hours while Kyle was in the chair with Avery and I was awake, afraid to go back to sleep for fear of the panicking children waking me up again. And again. And again.

Ironically (as my dad pointed out) I got neither a bed nor a breakfast in my very first experience at a location named for just those two things. Oh, well. 🙂

All that aside, it was definitely the right decision for us this trip. The girls slept wonderfully the second night, I got a fantastic breakfast on Sunday morning (and Kyle, Avery & Elise enjoyed breakfast both days), my family got to stay with us Saturday night, and the place was just adorable! The best part was the multi-level porches with swings, hammocks, and a koi pond, and the beautiful pastures, complete with big “dogs” – er, horses. Check it out —

There were even a few things inside that the girls found to play with!

We were blessed with absolutely beautiful weather all weekend, so we enjoyed the yard and porches whenever we could find time.

We also stopped by the Ottawa Park on the way out of town —

We were even able to meet Grandpa Mike and Grandma Shelly for lunch at Tony’s! I didn’t share my freeze with the girls, though. Maybe next time….

As usual, the Picasa album has several more pictures – both from the B&B and the park, as well as a few from the rehearsal. Wedding Day pictures coming soon!


  1. Great pictures! We had a great time. I cannot wait to see the wedding pictures.