Big Girl Activities

Over the last week or two, Avery and Elise have been getting into some real big girl activities!

They have long been very intrigued watching grown-ups write with pens, and even began several weeks ago to mimic ‘writing’ when given a (closed!) pen of their own. I thought it must be about time to start coloring, no?! Considering crayons and coloring books have been a staple in my house from childhood through college and into adulthood (even prior to children), you know I was ready as soon as the urge came to start with my children.

First, we tried the Crayola Beginnings Crayon Buddies that the girls got for their birthday. They are designed for 18+ months, and I thought they would be perfect for little hands!

Instead, the girls just thought the faces on them were perfect for kissing, and they had no interest in using them as they were designed. We tried for a little while, and ultimately they just played with them as another ‘toy’, until they were finished being confined to their highchairs.

After their nap, I got out the “real” crayons instead. Of course, we’re still talking about toddlers, so we used the triangular ones made for an easier grip.

Now this, I recognize, thought the girls.

They knew just what to do with them.

Budding artists, no? 🙂

They are also starting to enjoy playing with puzzles. Avery really “gets it”, though she needs some help turning the animal the right direction. Elise enjoys taking the pieces off over and over again, and only occasionally attempts to put them back away. We have a few of these great wooden puzzles with large pieces (and handles), and I imagine it won’t be long now before they’re working them like pros!

And just in case you were starting to assume they just sat and played this nicely all the time, let me assure you that is not true.

Avery, when she decided she was NOT tired, and not ready to stop playing with the puzzles —

Aaaaand, their latest hang out (though this one earns them a big, fat “No” every time. The drawer is bound to break!) —

There are plenty more coloring and puzzle pictures in the Picasa album. We hope you’re enjoying your final days of Summer!


  1. So cute! I love coloring books as well…when we used to watch a lot of TV I had more fun if I was doing something at the same time, so I would color! 🙂 And I love the pic of them in the drawer, hehe. Looks like a fun playtime!

  2. I have definitely done the same thing! I got away from it while working so much, but then of course found plenty of time while I was on bedrest. Some day, maybe I’ll be able to color with them again! 🙂