We (finally) Made it to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo….

Seriously, some of you are aware of the obstacles I’ve faced trying to get to the zoo the last several months! I was thrilled to finally make it back last week, and even more thrilled that my mom could join us.

First, we fed some giraffes! They don’t allow you to break the cracker (and I don’t think my girls would have been keen to the giraffes mouth that close to their hands) so we just held them while we did the dirty work. It was still a great opportunity to see all the giraffes up close and personal!

We made our way past elephants and monkeys before stopping for a picnic lunch. Avery spent most of lunchtime talking to the polar bear on my cup! 😉

Next we were off to the Children’s Zoo. On our way, we passed a goat which Avery LOVED.

In fact, Avery really loved all of the animals!

(And really, who wouldn’t love this trio?!)

(Elise, apparently.)

She really was interested though, so long as she was in control of the situation (read: the only one doing any moving!). She even told some really great stories about the cow we met!

We saw lots of other animals, including the three adorable tiger cubs(!), and finally ended up at the carousel.

I think they need a little more practice before riding Cindy’s horse in a couple of months though, considering they both dove off into our arms once the animals started galloping. 🙂

It was pretty hot so we only stayed about 2 hours… but it was so nice to be back after such a long time away!


  1. The zoo is so much fun now, isn’t it? My girls especially love the bird house and the manatee exhibit. I think we spent over an 1 1/2 hours in just those two spots. Looks like your girls were really enjoying the animals!
    Let me know if you ever need company at the zoo. : )

  2. That is so funny! When we went last fall, the goat in the children’s zoo tried to chew on the stroller and Em was yelling at it, “NO! Don’t do that!” Apparently the goat makes the rounds! LOL

  3. Heeey yooou guuuys! Its me your fav bro, T-Roy! I am so happy that you got to be so close to those animals. I would have liked to see/pet the giraffery and the polarbears. I just wanted to drop u a line and tell you how its going. I am so full right now i think i will explode. Other than that i am debating on whether or not i wanna play in the alumni soccer game today-mom thinks i should but i don’t even have shin gaurds. We’ll see. I love you guys and hope everything is beautiful wherever/whatever your doing.
    p.s. I like the new off-white background. ur right, it doesn’t seem so busy. Bye