Round 2

Ok… so some more changes made, to try and find some middle ground. I agreed with some comments on this post that the newer (now previous) version of looked nice and sharp, clean. But to some, that meant boring… which I completely understood as well. I heard some feedback (again, that I agreed with) that liked the more distinct separation of the posts in the cleaner version, as well as the separation of elements on the sidebar. I am trying to see if that same separation has been achieved with cuter (and more obvious) post titles and small dividers. Thoughts? (On any aspect of that sentence!? :))

I personally wanted to keep buttons along the top in some form or another, despite what anyone said 😉 but made them more visible.
So how about this combination of things? I REALLY loved your suggestions, so please keep them coming – even if it means you like a change I made, but not how I did it… if you think I messed it up worse :), etc. Your comments have been invaluable!
As for spacing between pictures and text, that’s something I’m going to tackle next – so try and let that have no bearing on your opinion of the current layout.
I’m not sure about the brightness, either. One or two of you caught the site when the background was really faded (including design on the sides)… it accomplished the “less busy” look I was going for, but I didn’t really like it. Is the design on the sides still too much? The yellow in the body of the blog too faded? I think this is going to be one of those things with people all over the spectrums, but I’d like your opinion still! 🙂
Oh – and I promise I have lots of entries lined up that actually feature cute babies, which I’m sure you like reading about better than tech stuff. To be honest, I like writing about them more too, but I am desperate to get a look I’m happy with and only have so much free time! 🙂
Thanks for your help!


  1. This one’s my favorite! 😀 It’s still white on the sides, but the white looks perfect with this design. Not that I had trouble finding the buttons before, but the buttons on the top look great. 😉 I love the fact that the titles are now in a cute little font too! 😀 I think it’s a perfect blend between professionalish (or neat, sharp, and clean, which is how I saw it 🙂 and adorable. 😀 I don’t know what anyone’s talking about with spacing between pictures and text, so I can’t help much with that. The background doesn’t look faded, and it doesn’t look busy at all!

    So basically, I love it and think it’s perfect. 🙂

  2. I agree with your sister. I think it looks wonderful. My eyes are no longer focused on one area when looking at the screen…I don’t feel like an part stands out TOO much. It all blends together very nicely. I really like the tabs at the top now that they are a little larger! Great job!! Hope to see you all sometime soon.


  3. Are you tired of hearing from me yet?;-) I’m with Cassie, I love the new post title font & the nav buttons. I used to have that on mine but forgot how and need to work on it again. I think the white on the sides of the background that she mentioned are seen on a widescreen. They’re not there on my laptops (well my old dell anyway) but I see them on our wider screen on the desktop. If you try to adjust that at all make sure you don’t just widen the current background you have because I like the way it frames the posts. The swirls fit in perfectly.

    You already know I love the buttons and the post divider between the posts looks great too. You’re making me want to update mine but it’s going to have to wait until all the vacations slow down since I need to load it all onto my new computer. For now I’ll just be lucky to get last week’s pictures loaded and a couple of posts out!

    It looks great!

  4. You know, I kind of like the white… even on a wide-screen. Makes it a bit less busy, IMO. And no, Leah, I’m not tired of hearing from you – you’ve been a great help!

  5. I love the new look. I like the larger tabs at the top and love the cute font for the blog titles. Great job! Now get those babies pictures posted!!

  6. I prefer the second one (the last) but all are fine, and really it’s the family stuff I’m interested in anyhow. So do what you want, whatever makes you happy makes me happy. 🙂