Lovin’ this Faux Fall!

This evening, Kyle and I were outside with the girls. I found myself wishing several times that I would have thrown on a sweatshirt, and thankful that Avery and Elise were wearing long sleeves. Unfortunately, it’s going to warm up again before we really see Fall…. but it has raised my hopes (hopefully not falsely, for the third year in a row) that we might actually SEE my favorite season.

PS – Grandma Shelly and Grandpa Mike, the girls absolutely got a kick out of the swingset today, more than ever before. Elise “bounced” on the trampoline after climbing up onto it herself, and both girls repeatedly wanted “up! up! up! up! up!” onto the slide, to go down it over and over again – “Wheeee!”

PPS – After I publish this post – the second for the day, I’d like to point out, I will be writing more (finally! you say). Stay tuned! 🙂