Big-girl PJs!

For so long after the girls turned a year, I kept an eye out for pajamas that I thought wouldn’t swallow them. Avery especially has a tendency to get completely tangled in clothing at night so I wanted to try and avoid that – for safety or whatever ;), but mostly for my sanity. She cries out enough these nights (nightmares? totally asleep, but crying like mad… but I digress), that I didn’t need to add that into the mix.

Because babies aren’t supposed to wear PJ separates until they’re a year old due to SIDS risks, etc, they always start at 12-months. And for whatever reason, they’ve always been on the huge side of 12 months.
For the last month or so, I’ve realized that they are big enough that several I had seen would probably be fine (especially the ones with “cuffs” that are a bit tighter), but then our twins sale was fast-approaching…. and I always buy sleepers (or now PJs) at that sale. So, the girls have slept in the fabulous onesies decorated for us at one of my showers, which has been very fun and completely functional.
But aren’t these pajamas that we borrowed from my mom one night (and the girls modeling them) just adorable?! So excited for more! šŸ™‚


  1. Jennifer, have you checked out Hanna Anderssons? Love those pjs…they’re pricey tho. I do have some that might still fit your girls (possibly matching Christmas ones?). I’ll pull them out and give them to you to look at!