Early, early in the summer, I asked my friend Beth what sort of device(s) she used in their pool last year when her daughter, Addy, was an infant. She told me about these, and even had access to two of them I could borrow for the summer! I was so excited to get them the following week, anxious to use them all summer with my little water bugs!

And then, I found myself in August. We had made and canceled plans several times to go swimming in various places, but had never done it. And my little water bugs had turned into toddlers who develop the most random new fears every morning when they wake up. The first (and only?) time we were able to use those adorable spring floats was not exactly as planned….
Of course we had to stop for a snack, first!
Then play with the dogs…
And finally we were in the water! Neither girl thought it was too great at first, but they were brave —
Elise eventually even relaxed and enjoyed herself a lot!
(Until Mommy dunked her.)
Avery was very content so long as she was firmly attached to a big person 🙂
…while Elise even mustered a smile as she was floating around the pool in her froggie, though it took a while!
Poor Avery never quite got there. She’d try to crawl out of the ladybug and do a faceplant in the water, over and over again, screaming the whole time. I didn’t make her stay long!
Cassi and I had a great time with chariot rides (don’t ask) and basketball (sort of). By the end of the afternoon, Nana, Pappy, Aunt Cassi, Mama, Jeff, Sue & Ethan were all hanging out on the Blacks’ beautiful porch, enjoying the sunshine. And the mohawks.
And, of course, the snacks (round 2).
I think this confirms my wishes to do “swim lessons” (Water Acclimation, really) at an early age. I wish we would have done them sooner, but that whole money thing gets in the way. Then again, with the way Elise & Avery (and all toddlers) develop and overcome new fears, they might just be fine when we hit the pools at Old Key West next month. Their swimsuits might fit then, too!


  1. did Cassi ever get you the picture from that day that were on her camera?

    29 days!!!

  2. That was so much fun! 😀

    Heh, chariot rides…