Stroller Safari

September 1st marked our first “Stroller Safari” class! The theme was “Terrific Textures”, and boy was it fun! I should say, it was done really, really well. I know Elise was excited and really did enjoy herself, but poor Avery was mostly just sleepy!

We started our day in the Education Center, where our teacher talked to us about various textures. To drive the point home, each child was given 3 squares of fabric to match – a super soft one, a rough/prickly one, and a smooth one. (This was Elise & Avery’s favorite part, I think. Go figure, right?) I will also point out that it was at this point that I correctly guessed which three animals we would be meeting. Have any guesses? Don’t cheat, now!

First, we met a chinchilla named Ashley (I think). She, of course, was oh so soft! True to twin form and their own nature since shortly after birth, my girls decided to change things up and have a little role reversal on that day. Elise was very eager to touch all the animals,

while Avery really wanted nothing to do with them!

The second animal we met was a Hedgehog. We had met one of his relatives when the zoo came to Max’s House (we meaning me, out of our family) and I just think these guys are so cute! I can’t believe I’m saying this as a child of the 90’s, but they’re even cooler than Sonic made us think they were!

Finally we met a snake. We talked about it’s smooth skin, and practiced our ssss sounds, then it was out to explore textures in the rest of the zoo!

As if they might actually do something to her, Avery didn’t even want to touch the plants in the zoo. Silly girl! We touched some plants that were soft, prickly and smooth, and then even got to pet a few goats.

The goats really liked checking Avery and Elise out (always have, actually!). You’ll notice (off the edge of the picture, perhaps… or just take my word for it ;)) Elise didn’t even draw up an inch this time! Perhaps she’s overcome that fear, to make room for new ones?

After class was over we stuck around a while to visit a few more animals. We saw a bearcat and some babies in the nursery (a leopard and a wallaby, to start). We saw the birds and the bears, and then we went to visit the manatees, because the girls just adore the “fishies” (that live with said manatees). They take notice of the ginormous other things swimming around the tank, but mostly they like the fish. (Christmas idea #1 if you’re shopping: Aquarium Membership ;)).

The best surprise of the day though, was this one —

Kyle got to come with us! We were talking as I was approaching the zoo, and it turned out that he had no patients for the remainder of the morning. We swung by to pick him up, and all four of us got to spend the morning together at the zoo!

And the second surprise of the day was this — the girls LOVED the carousel again. Who knows what happened last time, or why Elise is utterly terrified of the Chicken Little preview that comes on before her Sing-a-long DVDs. Toddlers are strange.

Overall, I was very impressed with the Stroller Safari class, and hope to swing a few more of them in the future. I’m not sure having twins is so much harder than a singleton, but it sure is doubly expensive. 🙁 I wouldn’t trade it for the world of course, but might just add “Zoo Education Gift Certificates” to the shopping list for this coming holiday season. (Idea #2. You’re welcome ;)).


  1. Stroller Safari looks very educational and fun! I will have to look into it. See you all tomorrow.


  2. How do you find out about all of these cool activities you do with your girls?? I’d love to get more active with Lydia but don’t know of anything around here.

  3. Stacy, it was awesome! I’ll let you know more about it!

    Sarah, just be thankful for our friend the Internet. I have no idea how people would have taken advantage of these things in the past, but now it’s not too hard – with a little research! Go on the websites of your local attractions – zoos, museums, parks departments, libraries, etc. Poke around a bit, and I’m sure you’ll find that they all have “education” programs – many of which are free, or reduced price even if you aren’t a member of somewhere, etc. We stay very busy, with lots of really cool stuff, and I’m sure you can find some of the same for you and Lydia to enjoy!