Coney Island

Earlier in the month, CCHMC had it’s annual Employee Appreciation Day at Coney Island. The Cincinnati version is a cute park with a great history. It’s no Cedar Point or Kings Island, but it’s charming – and perfect for family reunions and work Employee Appreciation Days! 🙂

It was a bit crowded this year for my liking, and obviously offered only a few rides in which the girls could participate, but we were looking forward to it nonetheless. After waiting in line a couple of times and realizing they were running REALLY inefficiently (ie multiple lines trying to merge together, while oblivious ride operators ran half full loads, etc), we gave up on everything but the carousel. If you recall, my girls liked Cinderella’s Golden Carousel in WDW last March. Then they hated the Carousel at the zoo, and the next week they didn’t mind it. This time, they ADORED it. Elise cracked the whole place up with her (loud.) screams of “Wheee!” and “Trot, trot, trot!” (which is, by the way, apparently what the horse says).

There was a lot of great food, and we got to take a quick dip in Sunlite Pool in hopes to get the girls acclimated to swimming again. I think the highlight of the day though, at least to the under 2 set, was definitely the gravel.

All in all, it was a fun day – and more enjoyable than the Buckeyes loss to USC that we then went home to watch. More pictures in the Photo Album!