More Museum Classes!

So as you’ve probably figured out by now (even though I promise I don’t post after every one, in an effort to avoid redundancy!), we go to the Sprouts Institute classes at the museum anywhere from 1-3 times each month. With the exception of when we’re in WDW (which ALWAYS falls on the “wrong” week of the month), we are sure to go to Music & Movement class every month. We also like to try and get to a few Laugh & Learn (storytime) classes, and Signing Safari, but those are not offered quite as frequently. Anyway, September has been no exception!

On September 14th, we visited Miss Ai Li Brown for Music & Movement class. We actually had the chance to try out another Music Together program recently, and I have to admit that I have not seen a teacher of any class, anywhere, that is as fantastic as Ai Li. The girls get better and better at participating in this class, and they are just so much fun to watch. As usual, the class consisted of songs, dancing, scarves, rhythm eggs, rhythm sticks and assorted musical instruments. Elise and Avery just had a ball, and were quite vocal about it to boot! πŸ™‚

And yesterday we went to see Miss Jeannie at Signing Safari! She took a break over the summer, so it had been a while since we were in her class. The girls were much more attentive this time than their first class (when they barely hit the age requirement), and showed off some of the signs they already knew. We worked on terms related to family and “around the house” (mama, dada, dog, cat, eat, more, all done, sleep, play, etc) so they were familiar with most of them. Miss Jeannie is also wonderful, and does a wonderful job singing, reading, talking and keeping the kids very entertained while she teaches. At the end of the class, we get to play with a parachute — which Avery absolutely loved this time around, especially being under it!

After class we stuck around to play for a little while. The Duke Energy Children’s Museum is so great! If you’ve followed along for a while (or do a quick search in the sidebar), you’ll see that we’ve played so many times and have still yet to hit even half of what they have to offer! (The website really doesn’t come close to doing it justice!)

This time, we played in the Cultural Kids area (really just Russia) where the girls were ballerinas and really loved looking at themselves all dressed up! We also worked on a little bit of engineering (like Aunt Kelly and Uncle Justin), but their attention span wasn’t quite as long with the blocks this time πŸ™‚

Check out the September Photo Album for more pictures, including a better look at the girls’ uber-cute polo shirts and matching shoes!


  1. These pictures are so cute. I miss the girls!! I showed mom the clothes I got at Gabrielle Brothers. I had picked up more than I thought.