Video Gallery, Part 1

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m TERRIBLE at pulling videos off of the camera. Here are a few that are long overdue for your enjoyment!

This one is from June (:blush:). The girls just crack one (and all of us around them) up!

I think Avery & Elise get tired of us asking the same questions over and over. Though she does “perform on command” once in the following video, Avery makes that evident by totally ignoring Kyle, and doing her own thing the next time around. And please note that “her own thing” in this instance is giving lots of kisses to Minnie Mouse. On my shirt. I sure do have cute girls! 🙂

And one more, just some random afternoon in early July. The girls demonstrate some of their favorite activities (reading books, talking on the phone, etc) … and their short, toddler attention spans!

More to come!


  1. videos are just the next best thing to being there. so sweet, so smart, and oh yes, they are both, (head nod) very cute!