Fifteen Month Portraits

Thursday morning, Elise woke up covered in snot. I almost canceled our pictures, for fear that she wouldn’t cooperate.

For weeks, I’ve “talked with” the girls about all their bumps and bruises, and how they have to stop before I can schedule pictures, and then they can be clumsy again. πŸ™‚ Lo and behold, picture day came without a scratch! Until I scratched Elise myself, on the way into the studio. Awesome.

Ironically, Elise was very cooperative, even staying where she was placed for several minutes. Avery wanted only to cling to my side, and was very happy so long as I was in the picture with her. Too bad I didn’t even so much as wash my hair before going, or we could have had some really cute shots together!

Alas, we got some cute ones, as usual. I think you always get a few cute ones, when you have such cute babies, right? πŸ˜‰

And as a side note, the bears pictured are from the studio. I told Kyle when I recounted the session for him, that we’ll probably look back on these pictures when we’re 50 and try to remember who gave the girls the bears, tell people how much we remember they carried them around, etc… only to have one of them remind us that they weren’t even ours to begin with. Instead, Avery just couldn’t part with hers, and so they had to join the session if we wanted to get ANYTHING out of it. Good thing they’re cute bears!

FYI – there is a 15-Month Portraits Picasa album, if you’d prefer to view them there!


  1. Great pictures! The girls are adorable. I love the one’s where they’re hugging the bears πŸ™‚ If I don’t “talk” to you before you leave, have a great trip to WDW!!

  2. Thanks, Amy!

  3. TOO CUTE! Where’d you hve them done at?

  4. Thanks Elaine! We always go to the same photographer, wherever she goes πŸ˜› For now, she’s at the Lifetouch in JCP, out in Colerain twp. She’s done the girls’ pictures since their 1 month session!