Happy Anniversary to us!

Hello from WDW! Of course, I am actually writing this before we leave, so that’s sort of cheating. Still, it’s been two whole years and ChateauKaufman.com is still up and running…. I thought that was worth noting! 🙂

Anyway, let’s recap:

October 9, 2007: CK.com is “launched“, in all its simplicity; I address my flaws in keeping up websites, assume this one would flop as well, but try to give it a whirl (motivated by some big things going on in our lives at the time that we hoped might some day be worth sharing)

October 9, 2008: First anniversary! Two babies provide lots of material worth reading, which is the only reason I think it’s lasting. I realize that blogging is SO much easier than maintaining an entire website… but of course I can’t help but dabble in some code and changing a few things around. All the time. As you know I still do.

September 30, 2009: People I have never met tell me they enjoy reading, because so-and-so’s coworker’s sister’s fiancee showed them a cute video. According to statcounter, I have had several hundreds of unique visitors, and average between 75 and 150 views per day, from visitors around the US and the world (and not “only” Clare and Kim! :)).

That’s all fun for me to look at, but the things that matter most are the friendships that have been rekindled via a blog (for real! who knew?!), the family members that get to watch the girls grow up even though they live too far away to have met just yet, and the memories I get to be reminded of every time I browse back through and look at my giant belly, my tiny peanuts-for-daughters, and all of the fun times we’ve shared already in Elise’s & Avery’s still-new lives. If I ever get around to checking “blog books” off of my to-do list (a list that probably still includes some things that were on it when mentioned in CK.com’s first post!), I will have a better chronicle for each year of my girls’ lives than I could have ever kept otherwise. I so look forward to reading it together as my babies grow up, as I so fondly recall looking at my baby book over and over again.

Thank you guys, for motivating me to do this in the first place – you know who you are. Thank you all for continuing to encourage me, understanding when I don’t post for a while, laughing and crying with me via your comments (here or in person)…. here’s to at least 2 more years!

What? I have to be realistic now! 😉


  1. I love it! I love reading about the girls, your ideas and just keeping up. Here’s the another 2 years 🙂

  2. Happy Blogoversary!

    I started reading because you’d put a link up on the DIS a long time ago. You’ve got such beautiful kids that it keeps me visiting. (And you’re an entertaining writer, too)

  3. Thanks ladies! 🙂