"I’m too big an insomniac to sleep!"

October 4

3:40am — There I was, lying wide awake… not because I was “too excited to sleep” (cutest WDW commercial ever, still), but because I lie in bed awake at 3:40am (give or take a few minutes) almost every day of my life. I tried (though not too desperately, so as not to be counter-productive) to fall back asleep for 45 minutes, until the alarm would wake us up for Elise & Avery’s 2nd trip to Walt Disney World(!). Then I tried to go to sleep (though not too desperately) for just 30 more minutes, to try and get a little bit more rest before what I assumed would be a long day of travel. Then, I faced the dilemma of sleeping 20 minutes – IF I could somehow fall asleep – and decided it would do more harm than good. I got out of bed, but only partially excited about our trip. I had had 11 hours of sleep (total) over the course of the previous 3 nights, had been sick yesterday (which I now attribute to medicine, but I could only hope and pray that was the case while it was a present-time dilemma), and knew we had a long day ahead of us. I was worried how the girls would sleep (if at all), whether or not this would be “The [Second] One with the Mommy Meltdown”. I just couldn’t muster “thrilled” just yet. Those feelings had bubbled up now and then while packing, etc… it would come!

Because I had showered the night before so that I could sleep as long as possible (always the optimist(?)), I quickly and quietly got ready while everyone else slept. I went downstairs and unloaded the dishwasher, looked for other tasks to occupy my time. Of course I always make it a priority to clean before vacation (just a weird thing I have, because I HATE to come home to a dirty house when I already don’t want to be home), so there was very little to do!
Eventually, 5am rolled around, Kyle was downstairs ready to go, and the Lawless’ arrived to follow us to the airport. We got the girls up at the last possible minute (of course this was the one day they hadn’t so much as stirred during the 4-6am time frame), and finally we were off!
(In case you were wondering, yes we listened to the CD I had previously created with great intentionality, just for such drives).
Check-in at the airport was phenomenal – super friendly employee, smooth and fast trip through security (other than getting the girls through – I hadn’t thought about easy slip-on shoes for them, in addition to the stroller, etc). I got my Mountain Dew before heading to the Land of Coke Only (another thing I just have to do!), and we waited!


  1. Jennifer,
    I am right there with you about having to have a spotless house before leaving on vacation/out of town.
    Can’t wait to hear all about your WDW trip!!

  2. I’m glad it’s not just me! 😛

  3. I too, must have a spotless house with no dirty laundry left behind before ANY trip that would require sleeping over night somewhere. Maybe we’re not as strange as we thought?

  4. It’s nice to know, isn’t it? 🙂