Party of 6

October 4th cont’d (and finished!)

While the girls napped – and they did, falling asleep in under 10 minutes – we spent some time making goofy postcard pictures in the Imageworks! section of the Imagination Pavilion. We hung out in Innoventions, and rode the Segways… though I must admit it was awfully boring after our Curb-Jumping, Speed-Limit-Pushing Eden Park experience. I was thrilled to finally get my mom and sister (who is now 16, going on 17, and allowed riding) on one!

After the Segways, Cassi and I stood in line for the Chase Visa meet & greet. Since the girls were sleeping (and the window of opportunity would be over once they woke up), we decided to make it a sister picture. It was fun, even if Mickey did try to knock my head off with his big ears. I still like him 🙂
When it was nearing time for our dinner reservation at Coral Reef, we made our way back to the Seas Pavilion to try and get there early enough to score an aquarium table. We did, and the girls enjoyed the fishies, though not as much as they would have if they had gotten more than 70 minutes of sleep since 5am. There were a few meltdowns at the beginning of dinner, but we made it through and really enjoyed the meal as usual – especially the butterscotch creme brulee! (Don’t worry, I would only get creme brulee maybe 1 more time this trip — pretty good, considering in May 2007 we were there for 11 dinners and I had some variety of it 7 times! :-P)
We did run into some minor annoyances that evening. There were no cribs in our room – thankfully we called ahead to “make sure”. We were told we were being charged an automatic 18% gratuity on our “party of 6” … now don’t get me wrong. We are usually very generous tippers, giving more than 18% if service is at all decent, but to consider the babies in the “party of 6” rule was downright criminal – especially when it meant poor service and/or service at buffets would be an additional 18% just because they were there. In most cases we didn’t mind tipping that much or more, but the principle was still ridiculous. As was the turtle’s pace of our server that night, on a night we were already reaching our limits. But I digress…
Eventually, we made our way out of the restaurant and over to Soarin’ to ride with our fastpasses. Lisa and Cassi were in line for over 30 minutes (so much for fastpasses?), so Kyle and I skipped it that evening in favor of keeping our sanity, as the girls were getting pretty cranky. We stopped at the Photo Center to pick up our free 5×7 from the Visa Meet & Greet, and were on our way “home”.
The bus ride to OKW was uneventful, and around 7:15pm we were finally in our rooms. My first impression was that they were all they were touted to be — nice and open. I’m not sure it’s the few extra square feet in comparison to other Disney Vacation Club rooms as much as it was just the unique layout. We put two pack & plays (not even the small cribs we had initially requested to save on space) in the room without making so much as a dent in the open space.
We didn’t have time to really unpack and settle in that night (which you know drove me nuts!) but we did have time to do our usual bedtime routine (a story, our song we sing each night, etc). We were thrilled we had decided to bring their crib toys from home (Fisher Price aquarium & rainforest toys) because they ended up making a HUGE difference throughout the whole trip. Avery and Elise still screamed like banshees when we put them down that first night, but thankfully my sweet husband was willing to sit with them while I went with my mom and Cassi to grab a few necessities from the store. (It turns out they stopped crying in under 5 minutes, but we really didn’t think they would – so I still give him credit for being willing! ;))
We found out that night that the walk to the hospitality house, main pool, etc was ridiculously long and not at all scenic, but whatever. Our feelings on the resort are for another time and place, for the most part. While we were up there, we got drinks in our refillable mugs, fixed our room keys (hadn’t been set to allow charging) and bought milk at $3 per half gallon (ahem, annoying! I called specifically to ask this and was told it was $3/gallon which – while steep – made it worthwhile to buy at the resort rather than have it delivered with a grocery service).
Once back at home, Kyle and I watched the Steelers game and called it a night. A few thoughts after this, our (long) first day — We were actually 2 for 2 on hitting the buses quickly, but I wasn’t becoming a believer just yet. There were still a lot more rides to consider! I still adore my stroller, and am so glad to have factored these trips into the research and purchase. Seriously, I could write an entire entry on its benefits, but I’ll spare you the details. Unless you’re looking for a stroller (single or double), then let me know. I promise, it’s worth the investment. The crowds looked pretty substantial throughout the park this afternoon, but the lines for rides were very reasonable. For example (and very few of you reading will garner any meaning from this), Soarin’ was only 40 minutes by mid-day and evening. Take my word that it’s often upwards of 120 minutes by the end of the day. Really, considering we did an average of 1-2 things per day in the beginning of our March trip, this was an insanely productive day!
Regardless of any of these things we had thought all day – both good and bad – the biggest truth was this one: Elise & Avery are So. Much. Fun! While we throughly enjoyed their first trip and know they enjoyed taking in all of the sights as well, this trip was already so different and equally fun. When people are surprised we’re taking the girls at this age or that, I tell them this — if we went for a once (or twice) in a lifetime trip, this would not be the time we would choose. Absolutely true. But since that’s not how our family does WDW, we are really getting SO MUCH out of each trip with them, and know they are learning and experiencing so many great things, too!
See for yourself, if I can ever get through the trip report! 😉
And with that, please check out the Day 1 pictures in the Picasa album!


  1. Sixteen going on seventeen? Now you’re making me sing songs. 🙂 I miss it though! That was so much fun. 😀

  2. And not by mistake, my dear sister! I had originally written something about my sister who is “almost 17”, but thought I would amuse myself (and perhaps you) with a little SOM lyrics… 🙂

  3. What kind of stroller do you have again?

  4. Baby Jogger City Mini (double). Everyone who has one LOOOOVES it!

  5. i don’t see any pictures in picasa. did you post the day one pictures?

  6. Yep! They’re in the second album over, “October WDW” (or something like that).

  7. Jen, looks like you guys had a lot of fun and a great vacation!! Hope to see you all and the girls soon! 🙂