Shaw Farms (or not at all this year.)

You might recall that last year I took the girls on a playdate (with a bunch of older kiddos) to Shaw Farms. I was so excited to go this year, with toddlers who would just love to climb and run on all of the playsets and fairy tale scenes!

Then somehow (probably thanks in large part to half of October being spent 900+ miles away!), it was nearing October 31st a lightning pace. Then crazy weather struck twice canceling our plans, but finally a friend and I set out to meet on Wednesday of this week. The weather was a bit cool (mid-50’s) but not unbearably so, there was to be no rain… it was finally going to work!

Just so you know, my yard is dry as I write this (on Wednesday evening). Last week we had torrential downpours, but little or no rain this week. A sprinkle last night supposedly in some parts of town, but that’s it. Or perhaps not. Apparently in East Boofoo, they got over an inch of rain the night before we were going there to play. Nobody told us, so we were shocked (and saddened!) to find that it was just one big mud hole! If the kids were a bit bigger it wouldn’t have been an issue, but when you’re not even 18 months old and you still climb stairs on your belly, it would have been really ugly.

We tried to push our girls back to see the animals but it was more of a swamp than the play area. Boo!

Not all was lost, though. We headed a little farther east (you know, why not?) to an adorable play area inside Eastgate Mall. The girls got to play out of the stroller for a little while, and Stacy and I got to catch up over some Chick-Fil-A.

Ha! I swear they enjoyed themselves more than this picture of Anna and Avery would suggest! 😉

There’s always next fall for Shaw Farms… hopefully 🙂